BUM Back To School: The Official Photos

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Now I promised you guys a couple of articles ago that I'll be releasing the back to school behind the scenes shots from BUM Equipment's latest campaign "BUM Univarsitee". It pays homage to a colorful, fun and athletic school life. They say it shouldn't be boring or a sad story so they're bringing out their guns and making you choose a multitude of colors perfect to wear in school. Mix and match it with your current wardrobe, it'll still look good. They want you to look different when you go to your classroom and hope you won't look like your classmates. That individuality still runs through your veins and say "I'm proud of who I am!". Everybody should have their own style and should always be non conformist without breaking the rules says Rai Lacoste of BUM. So I'm cutting to the chase because I literally had to write a new article because of these new photos. I know you want to see this! :)

Behind the Scenes:

Now you might have seen Jane to wear these clothes inside the PBB House. Yes they're all from BUM! :)

Now here' the official photos from BUM. This is an exclusive. You're about to see these up on web sites, stores and huge billboards along EDSA soon. You'll be happy, you're the first ones seeing it here!

BUM Back To School Official Photos

As you can see, some of the clothes are also going to be featured in CHALK Magazine this month. I'd like to take this bit to thank BUM Equipment for trusting us on this exclusive photos from the Back To School Campaign. The rusty/terracota colored pants, the pink varsity shirts and athletic ones are VERY nice. I'm sure you love the Nash Aguas pics right Nashies? :D Jane Oineza, Diego Loyzaga and Ella Cruz look so good too. The BUM Univarsitee collection is now available in all leading department stores and botiques nationwide. For more information about BUM Univarsitee, visit their official website www.bumequipment.com.ph or follow them at “@officialbumph” on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


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