On His Self Titled Debut Album: James Wright

Monday, June 09, 2014

Say hello to good looking James Wright!
We got to spend an afternoon with one of GMA's newest artists James Wright. You might mistake him for a full foreign chap but no, he's a half Aussie - Pinoy who lived most of his life in Hong Kong. His chiseled and sculptured physique would pass off as a model or action star no? Though he's heavily concentrating on his singing career now. If you don't know it yet, he's the one who sang "Sana'y Ikaw" for the Marian Rivera and Alden Richards starer Carmela.

Nothing beats a positive attitude. Happy and wanting more projects soon.
James says he's so happy that GMA Records took notice of him. He is managed and taken cared of by one of the most noted composers in the country Vehnee Saturno. His album was launched May 25th during Sunday All Stars. I loved how they did the number with Aljur and Mark, but still James stood out pretty obviously. He also knows he sounds really close to Christian Bautista, a little twang and his foreign accent would give him away. 

In fact, he really is a nice guy. He says he's very romantic too. He adds "I might not come across as a very romantic person but I am. I even watch romantic movies like The Notebook, A Walk To Remember etc.". This would be a nice thing to know for those that may think he's a very ASTIG guy. He's got a soft side that'll be very attractive to some girls I know.

"It's like an emotional escape and I can just be myself when I'm singing. As for admiring other singers. I don't want to admire anyone but I don't wanna be "mayabang". I want to admire myself to push myself and not to become that person. Everyone is different. This album is my leap off point. We've been planning this since November last year. It was a pop song before, but GMA said they wanted it to be a teleserye kind of song." He also attributes his biggest break with the former reality show "Anak Ko Yan" and Carmela. During the show, it was just me. Hong Kong is a very aggressive country; and that aggressiveness might have come across as an anti hero during the "Anak Ko Yan" days but that wasn't the deal. It was good though because it gave the show flavor rather than just putting cutesy people on the show. This was his answer to me when I asked about how his character was shown during the finals. I watched it. :)

About singing "That's what I have to show everyone but if there's an acting opportunity why not. I take risks" he adds.

 As of now, GMA might be planning a lot for him. He says he's going to lined up with contrabida roles first; and he doesn't mind because he knows even contrabidas can become heroes later on. When I said that the reason might be is because he looks chiseled, buff and so strong, he says no and said because "mukha daw akong mayaman" and we laughed off of that. :) I tell you, people who have that much humor, means they're also smart! Now how can you not love someone as good as James Wright? :)

If there's more things to hear from James, the album contains 5 songs. Aside from "Sana'y Ikaw", “Babe”, “Ikaw Yon”, “Kung Hindi Ikaw” and “Ako’y Sa ‘Yo”. His aim is just to create beautiful music. He doesn't care that much about top singles but wants you to feel and relate a lot with his songs. As long as you guys do, then he says he achieved his goal as a singer. Mind you, he still hasn't "fully" grasped Filipino, but he did these five songs beautifully. I bet his dream to be an artist in "Hollywood" would be really close. His voice live during that afternoon was even better than the album so just imagine.  

The self titled album of "James Wright" will be available at all major record bards nationwide. There are also digital copies that you can purchase through iTunes and other digital download spots online. Trust me, you'll love it just like my family did.

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