The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Launch

Monday, June 30, 2014

If you had money to burn and wanted a gadget that would better fit your phone and photography needs, you might want to look at Samsung's newest called the Galaxy K Zoom. It's got this 4.8 inch long and 1280 x 720 AMOLED screen (which looked so impressive and colorful at this pod) powered by an Android 4.4 Kitkat OS, a 20.7 Megapixel camera, a 10x optical zoom, 2GB ram and a 2430 mAh battery which would last quite a while. This is more of a phone rather than a digital camera but the convenience of having both gadgets in one is just convenient.

In the event, they did lend us a few units so we can see how it fares with regular smart phones. It did give us a significant amount of excitement because the market they probably want to sell this to is us bloggers and IT media; who's involvement in social media is just natural, fast and has got a huge turnover. You'll get rid of the trouble editing, posting and updating information on channels because everything's there. The picture quality, honestly I had a debate running on my table because we had many qualms on having it qualify as a full blown camera which it isn't. In comparison, this is still digital zoom and it isn't using mirrors which DSLR's usually do. For the output, it does give really good photos and the effects embedded on the phone is something to be really proud of. Samsung has gotten pro suggestive filters and effects enabled on the menu and a half press on the clicker.

Mr. Eric Sulit, Head of Samsung Philippines Digital Imaging says that you can't beat the convenience of the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom because you don't have to lug around huge DSLR's anymore during coverages. It also has the Geo News Feature which is sent to all similar Samsung devices. My friend even showed me his GEO NEWS Message that he received containing details of the recent earthquake which happened the day before this event. He also mentioned he received it minutes from when it happened, that's a pretty useful thing to have so you wouldn't be second guessing news on Twitter. 

It was raining hard and we had fog all over 71 Gramercy  on that day but they asked us to shoot using the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom using its features. We did good and I must say, the thing is easy to understand and use even if I'm not an Android lover.

The colors can also be retouched and the possibilities of making your photo be "what you want it to be" is endless. That's something you can't really get with just an ordinary phone. Now it's more powerful and can do a wide variety of applications even if it's this small. I couldn't even say it's bulky because you need that lens for the shots you need to take. Battery wise, I think it could last you the whole day or even more because your Android can opt to choose power saving modes on it. For those who want to get a phone and a worthy camera, this is perfect. See? We even uploaded the photos on the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom via Instagram. It retails for almost 25K in the Philippines. Make sure to test it out first through vendors nationwide!


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