Rose Fostanes: My Way

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rose Fostanes sings "This is my life"

Filipina caregiver Rose "Osang" Fostanes sang her heart out a few days ago in a press dinner at Sir Boy's Food Republic in Quezon City. Rose Fostanes won the hearts of people worldwide for winning XFactor Israel which happened a couple months ago. She went back to the Philippines to record and promote her own album released by Star Records. She happily waved the thing when we sat down with her that evening. She laments "This is it, this is my dream! I now have my own album!".   

I have already known her story because I followed her journey in XFactor Israel in Youtube videos but I didn't know how much struggle she has gone through being an OFW. Her family is so proud of her because she has fulfilled a life long dream at the age of 45. It's a little late she says but she's so happy she won the stint even if she's not an Israeli. She also says it was awesome to see the Israeli's to be so genuinely good to her. No matter how flawed some of her songs are, they still applaud her normally. She is a little sad though that some Pinoys have been too critical about her performances and says she reads all those comments from websites. She is a little sad but hopeful that this in some way would change. Going back to her album, she says this has been a really good blessing for her and she also hopes that Filipinos would appreciate how much work is put in in these songs. Her interpretations of classics and the new songs from world class composers was a surprise. I even heard something very pop and modern which she says was given to her in Israel even if she didn't win XFactor yet, a number that you should never miss to listen to. Who knows, she might end up hitting the charts soon and get played regularly in the airwaves, something that she wishes to see soon. 

She hopes that you continue to support her like the time you watched her in X Factor Israel. "Rose Fostanes: My Way" is now available in major record stores nationwide and is released by Star Records.


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