SM WOMAN for Philippine Fashion Week

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Shining, glistening, she proudly surfaces... the SM WOMAN in the halls of SMX Convention Center for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014. This is another brand carried on The SM Store to cater to women who want luxurious clothing at the fraction of a cost. Style wise, I have seen the collection exude femininity without sacrificing quality - a feat which every Filipina dreams of. This is their answer to your clamor. Your happiness starts with a little loveliness.

And that of course is what we saw at the preview a few hours before the show. This wouldn't be possible without these ladies.

The SM Woman collection was interpreted in sections; the new age Filipina can now wear something for Fashion, Career, Casual, Evening and Resort. Impressed and attracted on these pieces that follow Fall/Winter shades - but it's all a mix and a bit more structural, floral, pastel, basic, graphic and soft yet flowy dresses. They've got it all! Which reminds me, didn't they say "We've got it all for you!"?

Now, I wouldn't want to flood you guys with photos so I'll spare you the drama and just put it in one video slide show. It's got pretty good music too. Enjoy!

The difference is, it's lighter in construction, brighter and bolder in colors, prints are more modern, designs are elegant and classy... but... it's very affordable. You wouldn't think they'd be pricing them 799 to a little less over a thousand bucks. Unbelievable!

I'd like to commend SM Woman for opening the show with gorgeous Jasmine Maierhofer. Her gorgeous face was something talked of angels, people were at awe when the SM WOMAN sign was raised to start the show. Aside from that, your resort wear was a fresh addition. Something that I used to see in latin shows looks so perfect in our tropics. Like a glove. The bright prints and more modern construction of coats and cute capes was adored by the ladies I sat with that evening. That says a lot


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