Director Andoy Ranay, Dingdong Dantes and Maricel Soriano for "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real"

Saturday, June 28, 2014

It was a great day to get to know people from the show "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real" which is one of the great prime time offerings  in GMA. I've written about Lovi Poe in the past and this time we'll get to know them (people in front and behind the cam) a little better as we got to talk with Director Andoy Ranay, Dingdong Dantes and the Diamond Star Ms. Maricel Soriano.

Director Andoy Ranay

Direk Andoy Ranay has been working behind the camera for years now and just recently, he has been the talk of the town because of the hit movie "Diary ng Panget" (Diary of an Ugly) which catapulted the career of James Reid, Andre Paras, Nadine Ilustre and Yassi Pressman. He said that the ready market of readers was one of the reasons why it became successful and he also attributes that project with VIVA getting the rights on it. The second one he's making isn't really a sequel but another book being made into film just like when they used to do it with Filipino comics in the past. It was a big surprise because he says these unknown actors were all lucky as fans of the book immediately supported the movie. The second project "Talk Back And You're Dead" is also banking on the fan base but they're also glad that they are also working with a giant production such as Star Cinema. There are going to be new actors and he knows the material is very good even if it was written by young ones. He adds "This is more serious and intense. I need to know how to get their psyche and know them as a person. Their life experiences are not much but the friendly approach is being done so I can get something from them". Direk Andoy also says "Working with veteran actors is easy, more so if you are in the leagues of the people you're working with in "Ang Dalawang Mrs Real". I still want to learn a lot, that's where I came from... the theater. My passion is acting too. I impart what I learn from that to kids... but working with Maricel is a dream. I watch her during the early years but I try so hard to also not be overwhelmed. This project was offered to her but we only knew each other as friends. Now as a director, she asked for a dinner so we can get to know each other. She assured me that she will give her respect, talent and everything to me. Her presence really is like that so I try not to be star struck every time we meet on the set."

With regards to the show, comparisons he says was not too present because he knows he's telling a different story. The legal wife was on the point of view of the wife. This one's more on the guy's side and the issue of bigamy. This is where they concentrate and not too much on the other women in his life. They are concentrating on the families and the three big actors on the project. You can expect that there will be a big confrontation soon and he mentions that they are brewing that right now. Maricel will release or unleash her madness soon. Direk Andoy says he is inspired just to work with Dingdong, Lovi and Ms. Maricel. He also says he appreciates how much effort they put into this and even better on the next few taping days. It only takes them a few takes because they really know how to do it already. They don't really give any inputs because they want Direk Andoy to take charge. If they did that, Direk Andoy would have given them the Director position..  and we laughed a bit about that. 

Direk Andoy was a joy to interview and he was very nice too. He didn't give out that aura of being too strict while we were there and says the rumors before were really not true. I've seen it myself that evening.

Maricel Soriano

This is my first time to see Ms. Maricel Soriano. I was a little afraid, well... very very afraid in fact because I've heard stories (from tabloids). I was lucky I was wrong because I've never seen anyone so up front and genuine talking to me eye to eye. She's normal, she's a person, it's just that in my personal opinion... her eyes can tell a story when she just looks at you. If there are real "eyes that can speak" then she probably had it. Other than that, her humor thrown bit by bit on our conversation all made sense. She's one smart lady and I really adore her. 

I also just knew my cousin Monique Torres actually worked for her during the "Maricel Drama Special" in the past. She adored her boss much like I do. She mentioned to me how nice her skin was and I agree, would you believe she told me her real age? She even said it out loud and proud and says why should she be ashamed of what's real? "I don't care. Todo na yan!" That got us going, I love her.

 When we talked about her character Milet, she said she was nervous because the kind of love that she gives is totally opposite of Maricel's. It's very hard, because it's like a debate. It wasn't like her and she needed to force it out without going overboard. She says she couldn't breathe as she doesn't agree with how the character acts. She was on the brink of struggling and crying. It was really hard and she was a little afraid to be Milet because she doesn't want to be fake. She talked to Direk Andoy and they argued about it because they are doing it raw. She doesn't like it honestly and she was a bit traumatic because Milet is kind of "stupid" in the story. Somehow, she couldn't accept that as a woman her self. It's that complicated for her. Now, she just acts and gives the character the respect she needs because she couldn't sometimes handle a lady who's primary way of dealing with it is being passive and condescending. The story is going to be a long one and the Director isn't revealing anything and Ms. Maricel Soriano likes that. Her acting is tops and if the Director needs something, she just gives it and more. 

Her wish now is really different than when she was a little young. She says she's very lucky and appreciates that she could work with the young great actors still. She might not be getting any younger and says she's "in between"... she also reiterates that people shouldn't judge her or be too righteous of themselves because she's done a lot already. She also says Dingdong and Lovi are very dedicated in their craft and she really appreciates that and doesn't like anything negative with their work relationships. Her journey as an actress is phenomenal. I like how she breaks down people just by looking at them, that's how good she is and she'll continue to do Milet's character in the  raw way she does it now. A lot has to be expected in the coming weeks and you better watch out how she lashes it out on Antonio's character real soon.

No matter what role she takes, she is still the Diamond Star and you can only expect that you won't be shortchanged as far as acting goes.
She's the one and only Diamond Star and she deserves all the sparkles that come with that title. She thanks all her fans, no matter what age group and says she owes everything to them. She likes it a lot that even on Twitter she's still known even if she doesn't have one. It's been 44 years but from the bottom of her heart, she loves her really crazy fans and they are the only ones she thinks of whenever she wins an award. On the Nora Aunor national artist issue, she says she's REALLY REALLY ANGRY about it. She's hurt and said a lot of expletives and hopes they rightfully deserves it. There are a lot more actually, but they should always give what's due her.

She's very thankful for those who support the show, and to GMA... and says she'll do her best in every scene for those who love her. She also hopes they get feedback on how the show gets to contribute to people in real life and dreams that in some way, somehow they learn a lot from it. That is the only thing she wants and hope it inspires more people soon.

Dingdong Dantes

Fresh from New York, Dingdong Dantes arrived on the set of "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real" really happy. I'm sure most of you have seen it on his Instragram why. He's been looking forward to that quiet time with lovely Marian Rivera and that's what they got. He spent long walks with her which made him really happy. You can see his face really energized here. He wished it was longer though.

The first time they met in New York, it was very memorable for him. He missed the Queen Marian since it's been two weeks since they haven't seen each other. Marian told Dingdong a lot of things about her trip in the West Coast. He adds "Pag kasama ko naman siya it doesn't matter kung saan, ang importante yung attention sa isa't isa... quality time." (If I'm with her it doesn't matter where, what's more important is the attention we give each other... quality time). He also says if ever he plans to marry her soon, you will know that. 

I also asked him about Marian's Eat Bulaga stint and he says "If there's one thing I worry about is her physical safety. I don't want her to get wet in the rain or any bad situation... but happy for her that she's really doing what she loves and I know her Eat Bulaga Family will take care of her."

In "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real", they shot a very intense scene and fears for his character's situation. He loves the challenge and how they push the boundaries every time they do a scene with Ms. Maricel Soriano. You'll see Anthony in a different light, he's definitely flawed. They need to show that they are naturally good people but sometimes makes mistakes. It's difficult but he needs to do it. Somehow he relates to the character because he's also applying it in his life. He's doing great in the National Youth Commission and his work as an actor and believes he can do a good job in every responsibility he takes on.

Oh and before I forget, Dingdong wants you to also support "Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2" which is their official entry in the Metro Manila Film Festival this 2014. They are already shooting and he's seen sample work of the movie. It's way better. They want to offer something different, something new. He's so thankful that they got in on the MMFF 2014. He wants a different crowd would be able to get to watch it too. They'll be picking up where they left off on the first movie and they've added better graphics, more realistic scenes and a different story that'll leave you shivering in your seats soon. He'd appreciate that. He also says thank you to all those who have supported him and the cast of "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real". He hopes you still continue to watch it until the series ends. Here's an excerpt of the interview, you'll love the answers about Marian Rivera!

Thank you so much to their writers, people behind the show who took care of us during the set visit. I hope this would be a good day to say you did a good job on this series!


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