Why Is It So Good To Be Filipino?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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I love being Filipino. I like growing up in a democratic country. I even like the fact that no matter how poor the country is, we all remain happy and resilient. I love the use of "po" and "opo" to show respect to elders. I love our family ties and how close this unit is plus our extended families. I love how much value we put to our loved ones and make them a priority above everyone else. I love how in times of trouble, we still think of others and do what we can to help them no matter how big or small that is.

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I love how predominantly Catholic our country is and what good traits we seem to have gotten with the religious belief. I love how we make God the center of everything and call to him in times of need, to ultimately... never lose hope. I also love how we have basketball courts in every street, even the NBA gets amazed by that.

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I love how free we are to listen and create music without any government stopping us or filtering our words for that matter. I love how we appreciate the smallest things, from sipping nectar off a santan flower, to fighting with spiders, to flipping cards and making bubbles with hibiscus flowers. I love how we can always play outside and never care how haggard we get when we were still kids. I love our we all made the "mall culture" when so many of us spend time there to enjoy shopping or just getting air conditioned.

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I love how we can easily adapt with other cultures, our ability to understand and speak English and encompass language barriers because of our innate characteristic of being nice and welcoming. I love the fact that we are all connected, from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram we are one of the worlds largest in terms of social network activity. We even held the number 1 spot in 2011. I love that we have a LOT of beauty queens. Just look around you, look how beautiful our Filipinas are. I love how we inherited a glorious past, where heroes abound every province and city depicting how they all made sacrifices for the three stars and the sun. I love being a Filipino, there are a million reasons why. Have you asked yourself that question lately? You should watch this!

Anna and Marcus already showed you how good it is to be Filipino. I'd like to enjoin YOU and the WHOLE NATION to answer this question on your social media channels... Now tell us...

Bakit ang #SarapMagingPilipino ?
(Why is it so good to be a Filipino?)


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