Azumi Boutique Hotel: Where The Sun Also Shines Down South!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I've seen the sun rise in the east but I didn't know it would also look this good when the sun sets down south in Alabang. This right here is going to be my home and office for two days. This is the Azumi Boutique Hotel. I think they have about 16 floors including the Penthouse which I'll tell you about in a bit plus 3-4 floors for parking and a full restaurant in the ground floor. Let's check in shall we?

The Room

This is my room, they call it the Queen Room probably because its got a queen sized bed. I was alone when I checked in but this is good for two (or three if you have a kid hanging around). The wood panels, cabinet and bed is probably done to present a more simple, minimalistic Japanese looking theme.

You may think the room might be a tad small in square area but I didn't even feel cramped because they designed the interior with mirrors and transparent glass (on the shower) which made the illusion of a very continuity conducing place. 

You've got the basic toiletries available; soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and towels. Don't worry about the open glass panel because there are blinds on that same spot. It would be a good thing for honeymooners though, I can imagine. Aside from that, one feature that I like about this is the Rain Shower. It doesn't feel like high pressured water is pointing straight at your skin. The water temperature is also perfect if you want to relax in a hot shower.

You also have 2 complementary bottles of water and a full fridge/mini bar. The drinks cost 50/80 bucks but if you prefer other drinks, there's a Puregold, 7-11 and various stores around Azumi Boutique Hotel that you can go to for whatever you need.

You can prefer to close the shutters but if you look around, I've got a quite nice city view. If you see the buildings in the center, that's actually Alabang Town Center. You can shop the whole day and just go back to your room whenever you want to. I also had lunch at Nathaniel's which is just by the road in front of Azumi Boutique Hotel for variety. They Puto Pao and Palabok is legendary, I took home lots of it.

Then I went a few floors up. Then... I thought I was dreaming.

The Infinity Lap Pool

The Penthouse has got this huge lap pool. It's like an oasis around the concrete jungle of Alabang. I love this place so much that I'll surely go back and swim in the evening. It's not to crowded either, so it's the perfect thing if you want a break from the city without even leaving it. It's also got a function room on the same floor that can probably fit around 50-100 people, as a matter of fact there was a party going on when I went there hence no shots. You can get arrangements to rent it off with the Azumi Boutique Hotel staff. Call if you must!

Then I got the chance to have an even better treat... 

I got to do a bit of night swimming. I also got to see this beautiful city at night while resting on the edge of their pool 16 stories high! No selfies when I'm half naked of course! It was relaxing, really cold and so nice up there. I called it a night.

Then the next morning I was able to walk around the hotel and check out what they have on the ground floor.

This is Romulo Cafe. I'm a huge fan of this restaurant especially the one in Jupiter Street, Makati. I love how they put a modern twist to the usual Filipino food they serve. They don't make it too fancy, in fact I can actually categorize this as a comfort food place because I'd love to indulge with whatever they have on the menu. The stay in Azumi Boutique Hotel that I got had a buffet breakfast along with it. I'd like to recommend you get a lot of the tapa they had on the table. It just had the right amount of seasoning and not too salty. Loved that part.

The hotel also has their own dedicated Nail Spa that occupies the huge right wing of the building's ground floor. It's perfect for Mothers, daughters or friends who want to have a nail sparty and bond over making themselves beautiful.

The Lobby and Checking Out

Their lobby is classy, fit with neutral colored accents and filled with chairs and sofas that are very comfy. I checked out at 12PM and was expecting a long queue on front, but no. They even knew my name when I gave them my keys. After that, they didn't even have me stand and wait for it on the counter and asked me to sit patiently on the sofa. Everything was settled in around 5 minutes. I headed on to buy "pasalubong" (gifts) for people at home and bade good bye. I love impeccable service.

Azumi Boutique Hotel would be a great place to start if you want to do business in the south. I was relaxed, I had fun and was yearning for more. I think I understand the charm of this quaint place.. they make everything easy and accessible for you. They don't make things hard and give you your money's worth. I've checked the prices online at Agoda and their rooms cost around 2,5K - 4,1K a night. The other rooms are called the King Room (which has the King sized bed and a larger bath area) and the Garden Room (which has got it's own lawn that's almost big as my room). I think you can hold small parties there and entertain guests on a good sunny day.

For what it's worth, Azumi Boutique Hotel definitely was a good choice for business but it didn't feel like I was there for work. I felt very comfortable and right at home. This just means I have to travel more even within city limits, into places I haven't been to in Manila. Azumi Boutique Hotel ranks high in my books and I hope I get to spend time with my friends there soon. I still feel the Infinity Lap Pool is still so inviting! I didn't know the sun would shine like this down south!

Azumi Boutique Hotel is located at 2205 Market Street, Madrigal Business Park, Phase III Alabang 1780 Muntinlupa City. You can call them for reservations at 8699888 or email for any inquiries.

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