What Is Your Dream?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I've asked my self that question a hundred times. You know, the usual. Owning a car, a house, my own business, early retirement, traveling abroad or an educational plan. I bet these are the usual suspects in your dreams too. Sun Life Financial made it a little more scientific and practical in order for you to realize your dreams. I printed out mine just for kicks and it made a lot of sense. It indicated how much I needed to save every month in order to realize it in one or two years. It paints a picture of what we also need to work for, if this dream is achievable or not.

The question is, how much should I set aside for it? A dream can cost a lot but you still do it because you hope something happens with your hard earned money. Saving it in a cupboard stagnant for years is what most people do. People are afraid of risks. People are afraid of losing money but don't know their money will devalue because of inflation. This is where Sun Life Financial comes in.

They have different fund managers that would be able to give you a clearer understanding about investments. A safer option would be Mutual Funds. It's where a company pools together investors from different sources then use it to invest, acquire, sell and secure stocks to ultimately earn from it. It can be done in Money Market, bond, balanced or equity funds. If it appreciates, you can sell your shares for profit. 

Sun Life Financial also introduced their newest Digital Brand Ambassadors Team Kramer! Proud Parents Doug, Cheska and their kids are also full blooded Sun Life Financial people. Cheska's Mom is also a real deal certified Sun Life Financial Advisor. When Doug Kramer was just starting to court Cheska then, her Mom didn't let Doug leave their place before she got him to invest in a plan. This is the same thing that Cheska's Mom did to their money a couple years back when they started in showbusiness. Now, they see the fruits of their labor and they lament that it was a blessing to have done it a few years back. Cheska's Dad even gifted them with Kendra's educational plan so now they don't have to worry that much with the high costs of enrollment. The same thing can happen to you too because as the Kramers said it, if they can do it... You can too!

It's definitely Juan's time to break free and have financial independence. If your thinking of investing, take time to research and call your Sun Life Advisor now at 555-8888. Or visit their channels below. Make your dreams a reality!


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