GMA Artist Center Does "Pintura Eskwela" (School Painting)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Talents from GMA Artist Center took a break from their very hectic schedules to pay a visit to Catmon Elementary School in Rodriguez, Rizal. It's one of the most depressed areas in the country and a great percentage of people who live here barely have meals or live with minimum wage work. Aside from that, the situation in their schools just tells that they are in dire straights and need help. That's exactly what they did that afternoon and they dubbed it as "Pintura Eskwela" (School Painting). It's somewhat like the government initiated "Brigada Eskwela" (School Brigade) where ordinary men and women rebuild schools, repair its facilities and help these kids have clean rooms so they can start classes. 14 artists from GMA got down and dirty to paint rooms for the same cause. We saw how bright the kids faces had become when they saw the stars rolling up their sleeves and joining their parents, teachers and friends in making the school a little better than when they found it.

Zandra Summer here saying hi to the kids and other volunteers before the painting started

Mike Tan all smiles because he gets to help these kids have a clean room when classes starts

Rita De Guzman also spent the afternoon not singing, but help paint the rooms so they could have a decent place to study. She also says she'll be back to school next semester and was inspired by the kids here.

Kris Bernal of course took time out and made sure she said hi to her fans in the area. She also went in and helped paint some of the rooms later on.

Here they are chipping in to make a difference in the lives of kids, teachers and parents who put their kids into public school.

It was hot that afternoon but Juancho Trivino didn't mind. He went on and painted the exteriors too. Thanks to Davies Paints for sponsoring the paints here.

Singer Rita de Guzman, Stephanie Sol and international hearthrob Steven Silva were tasked to paint the window grills. They had fun too!

Arms were probably tired but Steven Silva still was happy to do this for the kids. I still remember the time we did a charity event in Cubao a few months back. He's a really good chap!

Joyce Ching, the one who performed quite good in the film Kamkam must be seriously considering this as her second career. She's really enjoying painting the doors and happy too because these rooms will benefit kids.

Kris Bernal here painting the walls. Davies Paints are also special because the smell is not too strong. It would be good for residential houses too.

Look at Ashley Nordstrom, Zandra Summer and Enzo Pineda putting the finishing touches to the door for this room. Still perky, not tired even if they have worked in the school for quite a while now.

Kevin Santos really has a heart for kids, here he is giving away some Ice Cream. I'll tell you about his birthday celebration perhaps tomorrow where he helped more kids!

Here's Mike Tan after painting the rooms, he goes on and gives out OK Quench juices for the kids. Priceless.

Juancho Trivino here went around to distribute Minute Burger hamburgers. Even though it was hot that day, these kids still managed to smile, made Juancho smile in return too.

These kids also worked so hard cleaning up their place. They will be benefiting from this and they were so thankful that GMA Artist Center took time off and made this great contribution to clean up and paint their school.

Principal Elizabeth Reyes says “We are very happy to see the unending support of GMA Artist Center. Catmon Elementary School is grateful for your help. Thank you!”.
They could have just enjoyed the day and spent it inside air conditioned buildings and houses but they chose to be here to help fix their school. This is truly a deed that will be never forgotten by the kids who studied there. They did something good and it should be recognized. Good job guys and gals! :) You rock!


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