Barbie Forteza Excited for "Half Sisters"

Monday, June 02, 2014

We saw a very bubbly and perky Barbie Forteza at the GMA Studios a few days ago. This is my first time to see her in person and I must say I already know why people love her. Her stints in various GMA shows like Stairway to Heaven, First Time, Pilyang Kerubin, Tween Hearts, , Nita Negrita, Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin, Luna Blanca and Anna Karenina made her who she is right now. She's done well in these shows which is why GMA is trusting her with another one together with Thea Tolentino (of Pyra), hunky Derrick Monasterio and new boy Andre Paras. The show is entitled "Half Sisters" which is another melodrama that'll be shown worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV. She's excited about the first episode which they have already done taping and says you should watch it so you get to understand the plot of the story. They are sisters but have different fathers, but they won't know yet until after some time. This explains the different treatment between her and the other sister. She plays Diana Alcantara on this project and pretty much, you'll find her in different hardships as she finds out who she really is... and maybe find the answers to her questions.

Speaking of which, Barbie Forteza will also be seen on a weekly webisode on named "Barbie in Bloom". It'll be shown either late June or first week of July and she'll be answering some of the most toughest questions thrown at her from social media. She was really game and didn't bat an eyelash on most of them but extremely giggled when the questions were more about her ultimate crush Dennis Trillo. I couldn't blame her though because she's so right about the things she admires about the Kapuso leading man. More so when Dennis Trillo himself wanted to have a project with her, that made her scream a couple of times during this interview.

She also gave time for her fans that afternoon. She did some fansigns for those who also communicated with her online on GMA's channels. In the interview, she mentioned the biggest challenge she's encountered so far... which is just being game all the time. She wants to be bubbly, presentable and pleasing all the time and wants to do this on and off cam. Even if she's tired, she makes it a point to publicly be accommodating. She owes this much to her fans and it's her way of appreciating everything. She also said she'll try to never be late because she wants to get the habit of being professional... something she learned by the likes of veteran actresses Cherie Gil etc. As for her bashers, she just keeps an open mind and reads them still in social media. If it'll help her in the future, she takes it as it is. There will be more of these questions answered like these when you watch the webisodes.

Barbie Forteza is excited when this shows on June 9 right after Eat Bulaga. This is a real case so you'll surely believe the plot according to Barbie. Her character is not the typical heroine who gets beaten up but a woman with sheer eagerness to fight. She fights because it's right... Thea Tolentino was a little soft but she says they worked together to make it even more intense. This is directed by Mark Reyes. Some of it is being filmed in a correctional facility but finds the people quite good there. She found a whole community and was surprised that they were all so nice. She's also going to be seen regularly in Sunday All Stars and she hopes to do the rivalry episodes with Bea Binene. She finds that very challenging and was so glad she got to work with very talented people in that bunch.

She's a pretty girl, with a very promising career already. Make sure you don't miss any episode of "Half Sisters" 2:30 PM weekdays on GMA! 


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