Mikoy, Rita, Frencheska and Dion for Artist Center Jam Sessions

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Frencheska Farr, Rita De Guzman, Mikoy Morales and Dion Ignacio
It was a great evening of music and artistry when we went to Route 196 in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. GMA network's very talented artists namely Frencheska Farr, Rita De Guzman, Mikoy Morales and Dion Ignacio. I honestly haven't seen them perform live yet to tell you honestly so this is one thing I'm a little excited about. It's a good thing that they did not disappoint me. I had so much fun that evening.

Mikoy Morales

I've seen Mikoy Morales during his Protege days and of course he was one of the few who was to be taken notice because he's got a very unique voice. It's a bluesy, rnb kinda thing. He was a little quiet at first, maybe because he hasn't met me yet; but once that the program started he looked really friendly.Now remember, I haven't heard him sing live yet so this is a first. I tried to record their performances one by one and upload them real time. Check out this number by Mikoy during the jamming sessions.

That's really good. He felt what he sang and made us all feel the same way. If you get to be affected by a song, what more an album soon. In the mean time, please make sure you subscribe with his Youtube channel to check out his covers and original compositions. His songs are also going to be featured in up coming films and programs in GMA. He's going to be in some of them too so you better watch out for this talented chap on the same channel!

Rita De Guzman

As pretty as the girl you dreamed of last night, she's one fine lady with a very powerful voice. I actually like her style, a more deep kind of belting with very controlled dynamics. She sang an original called "Bilang Ikaw" (Just Like You) which I must say is a good OPM song which was fit and styled perfectly for her range. I'm so sorry I didn't get to record her video as I was still uploading Mikoy's song. She only sang two songs that evening and I thought there was going to be a next one. My bad. Anyway, since she's this good... GMA Records is actually already in the works to release her new album. It's going to have original ones so you have to watch out for that. 

I kinda hated her in Villa Quintana because she was really evil in that role but seeing her here was just great. I didn't know she sings this good, proving her worth as the grand winner of Popstar Kids. She knows how good she is too and that exudes confidence, just like when she sang that evening here. We can't wait to see how her new songs will fare on the airwaves because she is indeed so promising!

Frencheska Farr

I didn't recognize her probably because of her hair. She's Frencheska Farr, and I kinda knew her because she has worked with my Sensei Xander Angeles and Niko Villegas. Those were stunning photos. I also saw her debut album called "Inside my heart" which was more so represented who she is as a recording artist. Her voice is good and I liked what I heard that evening from her. You be the judge on how good she sounds like here.

Her album is still out on major record bars and stores nationwide. If you like what you're hearing in this bit, you'll even love the album. She's a very talented gal and I'm sure you're gonna hear a lot more songs from her in future ones, right GMA Records? :) Aside from that, Innamorata was awesome with you in it. I hope we get to see you in more projects in GMA, you're a nice gal... you deserve it. By the way, she'll also have a benefit concert entitled YOLO this July 25 at the Music Museum. This is for cancer patients and survivors, a really good cause. Tickets will be available at the venue, online and shops nationwide. Make sure you don't miss it!

Dion Ignacio

Seeing a good looking guy like Dion Ignacio makes me a little jealous. He's tall, chiseled like a demigod, has got the face that would make women fall on their knees... and I thought that was all. This evening was a really good eye opener because this wasn't just the Dion I knew all these months that I got to know him. I didn't know that he freakin sounded this good!

This is the first time I've heard him sing live. To my surprise, I couldn't help but tell him how good he was after his set. His background in working with a band also came in handy because he played the drums and the in different songs during the event. Sometimes, I don't get it why people are almost made perfect. Anyway, he's going to have a new album that will be under GMA Records. It's about time! He's a way talented individual to just be limited to dramatic roles he's been doing lately. Congratulations Dion! Proud of you! ;)

The guys and gals are talented and with GMA Artist  Center and GMA Network as a whole working on them, I wouldn't be surprised if they get to where they want to be career wise. I'd love to see another one of these jamming sessions soon! We totally had fun! :) What a way to introduce artists to the public!


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