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Friday, April 30, 2010

I am a self confessed gadget freak and just like the rest of my pals who are also photographers; this is the time where we need to be extra careful with our stuff. Digital cameras like my small IXUS are very hard to clean; and is very delicate as far as the weather is concerned. If you get it a little wet and it could get the circuits shorted in no time! That would really be expensive to get fixed and you are not even sure if they can because spare parts are scarce on this side of the globe. Good thing there are i-Seal Waterproof Pouches and other remedies that we can get to protect them from the harsh weather or elements that could easily damage our gear. Whoever invented it must have been thinking right because he knows how important weatherproofing and waterproofing is. I never thought that it was even possible to have my camera underwater but seeing the video makes me think otherwise. This is just awesome and I hope I could get this one here for my IPHONE!

I will continue to make videos of my journey soon since I plan to go all out on my vacations. I haven't tried it personally but it looks very promising for a concept I am planning to implement soon on my site (Underwater Video BLOGGING perhaps?!). If you are looking for a solution, you know what to get now!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Okay. So here comes the JEJEMON. Filipinos have become so inventive with language that the normal textspeak now became an evolution of the jologs lifestyle, it has now become JEJEMON. There are a lot of legends how this all started but if you think about it its all just but a claim they know where it started... its all urban legend. Even the so called JEJEBUSTERS are in the news and do you even take time to understand how these guys work?! I thought so... its time consuming and it doesn't look that appealing. So why waste time?!

I'm really sorry I even made a post about this but with or without JEJEMON it still is the topic that people are looking for. According to the search terms in Yahoo this is number one so I'm not really going to even justify how it did capture all our attention at this particular time. Everyone is looking for its meaning and someway somehow we all waste our time on things that do not even count as real subjects such as these. I wouldn't blame you, you have to still go over these things in your lifetime. I mean hey, even a big network news channel did it so why don't we! =)


I can see its Hot!

I just heard over the news that we had the hottest day registered today in Manila. It is a whopping 38.7 degrees Celsius and there have been reports of people dying from sun stroke because of the heat. Unfortunately I do not have anything to protect my eyes from the bright blinding sun. It is also advisable to have sun glasses that deflect UV rays that damage delicate parts of the eye. I would really love to also avoid having cancer since there are studies that directly looking at the sun and the damages associate with it can also cause this. I have tried numerous times to get one myself but cheap ones here in Manila cost a lot and quality wise you would not really be impressed.

Good thing there are on line stores that sell cheaper ones like ZENNI Optical. The elimination of the middle man made everything more affordable and if you see how much that would benefit people who need prescription and fashionable eyeglasses, it wouldn't be as close as you may have estimated it would be. Have you seen designer grade ones for 8 dollars? How about high quality frames that would sell less than 10 dollars?! There are a lot of places where you can source this but only a few can match the prices these on line stores have. It's the best buy you can ever have for a pair of spectacles.


Maybe I Am...

Now isn't it obvious that I am inlove?! How in the world am I running around in circles trying to find something else to do when all I think about is her.... why in the world am I so frantic to go out of the office and go out with friends when all I think about is her. Why in the world am I trying to forget her when all I could think about in that same instance is her. Why do I ask myself the silliest questions when I know for a fact that the only answer is her.

Do I have to forget you in order to put my life into a better place?! Do I have the guts to even tell you what I feel in the first place?! Or will that just destroy my chances of a better relationship with you. Do I have to hope these things turn out great after I tell you the truth?! or should I just stop dreaming and stop believing you are meant for me in one way or another?!

All I know is... I want to see you, I want to be with you.... but I don't want to ruin what we have now. I don't care if you have someone already, you are not married anyway! I like you and if you take the chance on me I'll prove you wrong that things like these destroy friendships like ours. I'll make sure you get what you deserve... I still believe everything would be better!


Look Good and See Clearly!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ordinary people are now seeing the benefits of LASIK surgery. For guys and gals that wear corrective eyeglasses since childhood, it would really be a life changing experience for them. I know of some who hate wearing eyeglasses because it is quite troublesome. Aside from that, the wrinkles and the sagging skin in between the eyes and nose are not that attractive. Even if you had those titanium clad ones that are the lightest in the world; it wouldn't compare to going plain Jane everyday of the week. Dr. Thierry Hufnagel who has performed this procedure a lot of times has seen hundreds of patients benefit from this. He's the best person to ask from the STAHL Eye Center that has doctors from prestige universities such as John Hopkins, UCLA and Yale. LASIK has been able to get my cousin's eyesight back and now she can easily see everything once she wakes up in the morning. She went into a series of tests and they found out she was eligible to undergo the procedure. I was so excited we were able to go out at night with her a few days after. She was not able to do that at all previously because she could not see at night believe it or not. So people in the East Coast make sure you check out their branches at New York, Long Island and Manhattan. It would be the best thing you'll give yourself!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

This was unanimously voted by 5 of my friends yesterday and to you CONGRATULATIONS!

Thank you to everyone who joined my 1000th post contest.

I'm sure there will be more of this soon!

Thank you really, I'm so happy a lot of you guys took time and participated in this small contest. For the winner, please comment on this post and put in your name, bank name and account number so I could deposit your prize the day after.

Thank you again!

His entry is on this post here. CLICK THIS.

His post was humorous and he really took time to tell why he likes my site and for that he will be rewarded a small prize!

Thank you! ^_^

FYI you can watch this video in HD here CLICK THIS heheh..


For those who want to know....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

For guys that are looking for the announcement of winners for my contest, please stay tuned tomorrow. We are currently on the judging process.

Thank you for joining my 1000th post contest! =)


Jazzing Up My TOYOTA!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have been contemplating on purchasing another truck or car these days because I am in dire need of something that would be able to outperform my old one from MITSUBISHI. The old one however has been very dependable on out of town trips and can accommodate big bodied passengers like my family where almost everyone is over 200 pounds. One important criterion even then was legroom and its look. I don t really settle for the ordinary stock car and I try my best to make it more adept to the trend most customization shops do. I plan to get a TOYOTA CAMRY so I have something to use if I m going out at night. Toyota accessories will be a priority so I could begin to jazz it up. I would not want it to look like the stock cars of course! It will show up in one of our conversations over dinner and I m sure my brother would hate it if I did not do it. It is a little urgent too because I need it for work and my hobby of photography. It’s just that our house is a little cramped because of the vehicles we have parked inside. We might need to tear down the room downstairs so we have ample amount of car parking space. The location where I live unfortunately has some problem with security. My Uncle just a few months ago lost his pick up truck and has never been seen until now. He got a new one and it’s a TOYOTA too. I would gladly buy him accessories from on line stores like CARID.COM so at least he has something to be thankful about that incident.

I would really love getting this new ride as soon as I get my hands on my annual bonus. I’ll dedicate a whole day for that too! I'm going to start looking for that TOYOTA now!


Greece is Dying

I am a little hesitant to talk about this but the President of Greece Papadou just announced that their country needs serious loans from the IMF to get back into the market. They will be sourcing these funds from Germany but their Chancellor is quite on a setback because she has not seen any strong plan how to get back in its original state. Right now they are showing no signs of recovery and their government is not that optimistic too. Riots of all forms happened in their capital and even the President got onto a remote island to announce them giving up on the government's ability to continue operations.

The problem is, there is quite a huge amount of history in that location that I wouldn't be able to see. Why did they join the EU in the first place?! Their currency did not handle it well obviously. Now comes the rescue plan that never even convinced the one who will loan them the money. I wonder if they would be able to look at themselves a few years from now. Even the labor force are protesting because pretty sure IMF will tell its corporations to cut down on wages. When will this happen?! That is the question that the current regime will have to answer to.


Making My Ride Better!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I like my ride a lot; but there are better options out in the market that has kept me thinking to get a new one. The diesel powered engine and twin batteries are not helping too. I spend around double just for maintenance sometimes and what made me want to change my mind about it are the countless times the truck has failed me. Then again I should have had a different point of view since I am not an expert when it comes to cars and trucks. I just know how to make them look good in the long run. It was just like the time when I needed something to bring our things over to the south of Manila; I had to wait for our van to have a ladder rack installed because the ordinary trunk was not that sufficient anymore. After that it was easier for me to get things moved even without the help of professional movers. That saved me a lot of money and made my truck more efficient for everyday travel.

For the things I got for the truck, I try my best to get them locally but if I can't and I'm in a hurry I go to on line stores that could supply me with the best door handles which are all made of chrome, billet fuel doors and grilles. It is becoming a little addictive to jazz up my ride and if ever I need to consult places to get it the site has it all!


New Lizard Species in the Philippines

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wow just wow! I was really amazed at what was actually found in the Sierra Madre Mountains in the island of Luzon. This is actually just like the Komodo Dragon that is found in Indonesia but the difference is... it doesn't eat meat or dead carcasses, it eats fruits and veggies. Some sort of a vegetarian dragon hahah.

The Komodo lives on volcano slopes and finds dead things to eat but this one chooses to be healthy and slim. Although I don't know why in the world it is about 6.5 feet in length.. taller than I am HUWAAAAT!!!

Numbers of these species is unknown and the Philippines has no data about it. This just got filed in France and they said it is very endangered. People in that area actually consume this for their food, they might lose this one forever if some sort of conservation plans do not step in. I'm sure these are the ones who bite and crawl if attacked so make sure we all make an effort to protect it while protecting ourselves. Please do not eat BAYAWAK anymore for cryin out loud! We are not cavemen!


Someone Owes Me Money

I am trying to live my life debt free and I know the consequences of having problems with money. I have seen some of my family members go through rough times and debt for them seems ordinary. Sometimes you try and help them anyway you can but bad credit loans really leave a mark in your credit standing. I understand that there are some instances where you spend a lot on cases like emergencies, natural disasters, medical situations and death. I can't say no to family too and that is one problem I am trying to fix until now.

I have also made the habit of lending money to friends who in the end could not afford to pay me back. This happened very recently. The amount is no joke either so I am trying to force him to pay me when his check arrives. I am also telling some other friends so they can somehow help me telling him about it. The thing I hate sometimes is that friends tend to get self imposed selective amnesia if you need the money already. They should have consulted credit professionals instead so they would be stricter putting penalties. I wish there was some way I could let them live a debt free life too. I don't want to end up paying for their debts anyway!

If you are reading this my friend, please pay me back soon! You know who you are!


I Had A Bad Day!

I have a bad hangover from this morning's drinking spree. I don't know what happened but I still managed to get home. I am a little upset because I still remember some details this morning. I want to forget it though. It was one bad day but hey I still have to be optimistic!

I made some friends in twitter today... all the way from the visayas region. It's amazing how it makes everything seem so close. Technology really breaks boundaries!

Now that I have a hangover, I popped a couple of tablets of my favorite hangover solution called BIOGESIC hehe. Not that I am plugging it but man it makes that headache go away in an hour or less. It is really effective and I like how it handles everything. Now I have time to write about my misadventures again on my site.

I am reading other people's blog again. Even if I do not believe in what they say I still take time to comment and give my thoughts about it. Then I still have some haters posting on my chat box over there >>>>>

It's okay though, I believe this is a free country.. but if it gets out of hand I'll do something about it hehehe =P


Yankee Dreamer Here!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I just saw this weekend that the New York Yankees won 8-3 versus low profile Chuck Norris homage team the Texas Rangers. This is another game and another day where people from their side of the country were hoping for an upset of some sort; that didn't happen. I am a Yankee fan and I never really thought anyone can beat them this season just by looking at the plays they had this 17th where the usual filling up of the bases and a batter hitting what he is supposed to happened. It was elementary and everything was implemented well. They are going to be my only baseball betting picks and I know I wouldn't be sorry that I did. They will perform better than the former champions whom I refuse to mention on this post (ha-ha!) and I am eagerly awaiting their comeback this season!

I am not hoping for another good game like this to happen every week but at least give me ample amount of show for the pitchers, infield and outfield people. The owners and fans would be surely proud of them just as long as they do their best. I am still a fan of Phil Hughes and if he improves his game more he's probably going to be one of those sports icons I would worship in my dreams soon. It's a tough game but since they do this professionally it would be proper to do their job as best as they can do! Am I right?!


Don Esteban's @ Tomas Morato Quezon City

When I arrived yesterday from the short break I had in Cavite, I saw my Mom and Dad not doing anything at home so I invited them out to eat at MA MON LUK a popular Chicken Noodle Soup/MAMI and Dimsum house that is quite near our place. This place was where the popular food pinoy MAMI was made. MA MON LUK was the inventor. Consequently my Grandfather built the place where this restaurant still stands in Quezon Avenue. The late Alejandro Martinez also built the first few buildings of National Bookstore.

The bad news is... when we parked the van I was excited even at the grueling stench of fish sauce smell around the restaurant. When Dad approached the counter, he asked the waiters and cashier if they would be able to accommodate us on a table. Apparently they were not really asking people to wait so they would be seated, it was every man for himself. Then they told my Dad that they ran out of SIOPAO... now how can a Mami/Dimsum restaurant run out of Pork Buns just like that?! Hayyy... I was really disappointed. So we just stood up and rode the van again and went on a road trip around the Timog and Morato Area. We ended up in Don Esteban's Quezon inspired restaurant which is just a few blocks away from our house.I was excited since I am a fan of their cuisine, I usually make my mouth water to the sight of Pansit Habhab... the food was great don't get me wrong. The problem is, the service was so slow. How slow you say?

We got our drinks at around 7-8 minutes from the time we placed the order. This Buko Shake was mine. Mom and Dad had the normal Buko in the shell... but it wasn't cold. Mom and Dad had to improvise and put ice on it themselves.

After a good 20 minutes... I was really getting impatient.

After 30 minutes of not getting any food, I was still in the verge of getting angry the kind waitress went to us and apologized. We already drank everything we had on the table. 50 minutes we still had nothing on the table. The first one arrived, the stir fried veggies. It was something like chopsuey and it was perfectly cooked. But we had to wait an extra 20 minutes for the other dishes to arrive.

This was the Ginisang Gulay which looked and tasted like Chopsuey.
It was good though because the veggies were cooked right and crunchy.
This is their longanisang lucban, it was very very good and not too salty like the ones I tasted from that province but the price was almost 200 pesos. Too high I guess and they are not even a fine dining restaurant.

Crispy Kare Kare... It was like crispy pata on Kare Kare... it was good... I tasted real peanut on the sauce though I hope it was not just peanut butter or powder based. I couldn't tell at that time because I was thinking about the slow service too much! Almost 300 and a bit too pricey for around 5 pcs of small cut pig legs, 6 eggplant slices and around 20 bits of sitaw. Yes I counted them!

The Crispy Kare Kare was overpriced but I still ordered it. The waitress was already apologizing because they were understaffed in the kitchen. The Pansit HabHab that I had to wait for arrived an hour 10 minutes from the time I ordered. This was appalling, good thing I was cool that day and Mom and Dad were not that hungry, otherwise I could have torn that place apart with my bear hands.

The Pansit Habhab almost was perfect, they shouldn't have to cut the pansit into small bits like that. I did not also see special vinegar to go with it like in Quezon as they were claiming to be doing that theme. It was fine but the cook should have instructions not to do that on my pansit. I have to eat long strands of it!

In the end... Food was great, a mere 4 out of 5 KUMAGS. The service SUCKS bigtime though! I would not recommend you eat here today, wait for about 6 months so they would be able to perfect their system. Go to another place if you are in a hurry to eat or experienced fast food, you won't get it here. I got myself filled up with yogurt froz on our way out... on a hefty 150 price I could have settled for a pint of ice cream but its okay to eat healthy every once in a while!