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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ordinary people are now seeing the benefits of LASIK surgery. For guys and gals that wear corrective eyeglasses since childhood, it would really be a life changing experience for them. I know of some who hate wearing eyeglasses because it is quite troublesome. Aside from that, the wrinkles and the sagging skin in between the eyes and nose are not that attractive. Even if you had those titanium clad ones that are the lightest in the world; it wouldn't compare to going plain Jane everyday of the week. Dr. Thierry Hufnagel who has performed this procedure a lot of times has seen hundreds of patients benefit from this. He's the best person to ask from the STAHL Eye Center that has doctors from prestige universities such as John Hopkins, UCLA and Yale. LASIK has been able to get my cousin's eyesight back and now she can easily see everything once she wakes up in the morning. She went into a series of tests and they found out she was eligible to undergo the procedure. I was so excited we were able to go out at night with her a few days after. She was not able to do that at all previously because she could not see at night believe it or not. So people in the East Coast make sure you check out their branches at New York, Long Island and Manhattan. It would be the best thing you'll give yourself!

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