I can see its Hot!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I just heard over the news that we had the hottest day registered today in Manila. It is a whopping 38.7 degrees Celsius and there have been reports of people dying from sun stroke because of the heat. Unfortunately I do not have anything to protect my eyes from the bright blinding sun. It is also advisable to have sun glasses that deflect UV rays that damage delicate parts of the eye. I would really love to also avoid having cancer since there are studies that directly looking at the sun and the damages associate with it can also cause this. I have tried numerous times to get one myself but cheap ones here in Manila cost a lot and quality wise you would not really be impressed.

Good thing there are on line stores that sell cheaper ones like ZENNI Optical. The elimination of the middle man made everything more affordable and if you see how much that would benefit people who need prescription and fashionable eyeglasses, it wouldn't be as close as you may have estimated it would be. Have you seen designer grade ones for 8 dollars? How about high quality frames that would sell less than 10 dollars?! There are a lot of places where you can source this but only a few can match the prices these on line stores have. It's the best buy you can ever have for a pair of spectacles.


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