Making My Ride Better!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I like my ride a lot; but there are better options out in the market that has kept me thinking to get a new one. The diesel powered engine and twin batteries are not helping too. I spend around double just for maintenance sometimes and what made me want to change my mind about it are the countless times the truck has failed me. Then again I should have had a different point of view since I am not an expert when it comes to cars and trucks. I just know how to make them look good in the long run. It was just like the time when I needed something to bring our things over to the south of Manila; I had to wait for our van to have a ladder rack installed because the ordinary trunk was not that sufficient anymore. After that it was easier for me to get things moved even without the help of professional movers. That saved me a lot of money and made my truck more efficient for everyday travel.

For the things I got for the truck, I try my best to get them locally but if I can't and I'm in a hurry I go to on line stores that could supply me with the best door handles which are all made of chrome, billet fuel doors and grilles. It is becoming a little addictive to jazz up my ride and if ever I need to consult places to get it the site has it all!



Ken Wooi said...

sometimes im lazy to drive =P

Steve Devis said...

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