Good Friday!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Galera perhaps?! LOL

Okay it is officially Black Friday. I have nothing to do today and the rest of the metro is closed. Establishments, malls, buildings, government offices.... but not me! I have work today LOL.

I plan to drink out with friends later but it looks like it would be blasphemous to do that. People might stare at us on the streets when we are merrymaking while Christ is kinda dead. Something like that comes up when conservative people come by. I can't even have a decent meal because I am carnivorous. It is prohibited to eat meat these days and I am unfortunately allergic to shellfish. I wouldn't want to eat that and have asthma the day after. I scratch my face crazily and that would spell marks on my face. That would not be a pretty sight to see.

Oh and as I'm writing this I still have no plans in mind. But I think I'll just go home for now. See you guys later! I have some errands to do for Mom first before I can go out anywhere I want to. Why didn't I plan to go to a beach today?! Hm... lemme think about that later! :)


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