Thursday, April 29, 2010

Okay. So here comes the JEJEMON. Filipinos have become so inventive with language that the normal textspeak now became an evolution of the jologs lifestyle, it has now become JEJEMON. There are a lot of legends how this all started but if you think about it its all just but a claim they know where it started... its all urban legend. Even the so called JEJEBUSTERS are in the news and do you even take time to understand how these guys work?! I thought so... its time consuming and it doesn't look that appealing. So why waste time?!

I'm really sorry I even made a post about this but with or without JEJEMON it still is the topic that people are looking for. According to the search terms in Yahoo this is number one so I'm not really going to even justify how it did capture all our attention at this particular time. Everyone is looking for its meaning and someway somehow we all waste our time on things that do not even count as real subjects such as these. I wouldn't blame you, you have to still go over these things in your lifetime. I mean hey, even a big network news channel did it so why don't we! =)



survivormuch said...

I honestly find it weird why people type their messages like this I mean the so-called "jejemon" style. I was like why in the world they will say jeje instead of hehe. Well, I guess now they find some attention.

Traveliztera said...

i <3 jejemons. hahahaha hellooowww phowzzz

sakit sa ulo at kamay.haha