You Can Bet On It!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am ecstatic since my new favorite for this season the Cleveland Cavaliers is doing well in rapping up their opponents. With the season nearing its end, I am optimistic that they will get to finish dealing with the teams from the west like Orlando Magic and the LA LAKERS. LEBRON JAMES has been doing a good job keeping the enemy at bay even if they often choose to sit him down as some of the reserve players already can beat the big teams in the league. If KOBE plans to step up and monster out the ball without team work it would be easy for their defense to stop him soon. The coach probably has some few tricks on his sleeve. If I were betting between these two, I would choose the Cavaliers for obvious reasons. I like how this would turn out.

I wish the Packers would do have the same fate as they do. I really love football since they showed it on this side of the world. I would really love to get the chance and play it soon too. I prefer to be a quarterback if the team permits it. That would be really a dream. I would never want to see my teams lose. That would really make me worry for my own hopes in the sport. I have been playing bowling too much these days and I need to get some sunshine through these other ball sports. I will be doing this soon; you can bet on it!


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