Jason Ivler now in Quezon City Jail

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I know it is kinda odd for me to talk about him today but I kinda felt for the guy. I dunno, when all the world is making fun of him and his Mom I feel that we somehow kinda have something in common. I haven’t gotten into doing ROAD rage yet but boy this morning when I got home drunk, I paused a little bit when I saw him on TV this afternoon. He was sent out of the Quirino Hospital Medical Center and brought to the Quezon City Jail. Some hooligans even applauded when they saw him. Poor guy was in a shirt and shorts ailing because of his gunshots and pulled on a wheelchair. Jason by the way also starred in TGIS a local teen bop show in the early ninety’s… I dunno what happened to him after that but they said he served the US military for a few years. My hunch is he got a little freaked out when sent to Iraq. He said that he couldn’t adjust to the lifestyle in the city jail now if his Mom would always help him. The city jail by the way is very near my place... no I don’t go there but I always pass by that area. When you see the condition of the people there you would definitely be appalled how inhuman it looks like. I know his Mom from gym and I saw her there a couple of days ago. None of the former moms who were always with her before was there after that incident with Jason. I pity her and I kinda am sad about this whole thing happening to their family. Rather than persecuting them like the rest, I felt they were just misunderstood in some way. I hope it doesn’t become as sensationalized as it was a few months before. If they find out that Jason is guilty then go ahead but if not at least give him a fair trial and free him if that is the right thing to do. Although most of you might not agree on me with this I still feel he is innocent. I’m not a judge so I won’t be deciding on that in the next couple of months. I’ll stay tuned for more developments… sorry if I feel like I am going against everyone but hey if that happened to you what would you think other people would look like if they are ridiculing you like that now?


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