Maundy Hungry

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I feel so Maundy on a Maundy Thursday here in the Philippines. Almost all the establishments have closed shop and you can't really go out because you only have a few places to go to on this day. My friends almost are all out of town. I feel like its a western movie when I go out of the house. There are just no dried up bushes rolling around though. But I can still feel it... though I want to dress up and do some cowboy moves it wouldn't be really a pretty sight when my bulges show up LOL!

Since I haven't been working out lately, I am feeling kinda guilty about it. I don't have a straight forward workout regimen done at home and I have been thinking more of these things I saw at via a blogger friend of mine (hi bookie!):

The deal is, I haven't been eating anything since 2 days ago because I felt a diet was probably good to do since its lent. I was gorging on fish because I don't have that much seafood choices as I am allergic to shellfish. I get rashes and red stuff all over my face when I eat it so I am really starving myself. But this kinda reading is not helping me at all. I am still dreaming of that day when I got into the ultimate taste test foodie event from Sir Anton. I made myself a connoisseur in lechon LOL because I was there with 3 different suppliers that were all so awesome! I love food! CHOMP!


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