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Monday, April 12, 2010

I have been blogging since 2003 and this has been my passion. Obviously I have gone to a lot of platforms and I find only a few pass my standards with regards to BLOG formats. I love WORDPRESS and I have a lot of friends who use it. I actually have one too but I prefer to keep that private for now. If I launch that in a couple of months I will surely need free wordpress themes since I will be targeting a specific audience. Themes may make or break a site and if I do not use one and depend on the default templates from WP people may find it boring and never come back.

My idea is to have it look like that one on top. I love the fire red color with three columns. I have to make room for other things like links and widgets from other entities other than word press. There are great sites we can get those templates from like WPREX etc. and it has proven to be a great resource for BLOG enthusiasts like me. I have to change the look of my site every now and then and WPREX seem to have more than I ever need. I frown at the sight of someone using the same template as I am so if ever I need to change in a jiffy; a simple download there would take me a few seconds. I like it a lot!

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