Yankee Dreamer Here!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I just saw this weekend that the New York Yankees won 8-3 versus low profile Chuck Norris homage team the Texas Rangers. This is another game and another day where people from their side of the country were hoping for an upset of some sort; that didn't happen. I am a Yankee fan and I never really thought anyone can beat them this season just by looking at the plays they had this 17th where the usual filling up of the bases and a batter hitting what he is supposed to happened. It was elementary and everything was implemented well. They are going to be my only baseball betting picks and I know I wouldn't be sorry that I did. They will perform better than the former champions whom I refuse to mention on this post (ha-ha!) and I am eagerly awaiting their comeback this season!

I am not hoping for another good game like this to happen every week but at least give me ample amount of show for the pitchers, infield and outfield people. The owners and fans would be surely proud of them just as long as they do their best. I am still a fan of Phil Hughes and if he improves his game more he's probably going to be one of those sports icons I would worship in my dreams soon. It's a tough game but since they do this professionally it would be proper to do their job as best as they can do! Am I right?!


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