Easy Media Duplication

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have given my URBAN themed models some copies of the high resolution pictures I took a few months ago. It was a little overdue. I already have that set sent to the organizers but someone took it out of our virtual drive. Good thing I have them on data DVD; so I recovered and sent them edited copies of it. I have to render more since I entered parts of it in a contest. Luckily I will now have my photo printed in their magazine; but I need high resolution ones. These are commonly large files and I would not be able to fit all of them in one CD or DVD. That is what you will get when you do full frame. Diskette Duplication is quite hard to do since media of this sort is not available at home or even in the office.

I need to also have the release forms ready since some of my subjects are also minors. Most of the street photos I have concern the situation in the streets so I can't really avoid that. I made sure none of them were used for anything but the art of photography. Since I don't know how to quantify how much media I need to supply the event coordinators so they can take a look at my work, I need an institution that would be able to produce large quantities. I also need to have the videos I made for the slide shows I prepared too. I need something like the CD duplication Boston has. Duplication and mastering might take a while if I just leave it to amateurs. I need professionals to do it for me and I expect something that would be able to emulate companies like COPTECH DIGITAL as a standard. I know we can get a lot of information about this there. It's where we can obviously see that Boston Printing has never been better. Thank the heavens for easy media duplication; it made my life a little bit easier!


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