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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My brother spends most of his time in Dublin but on some instances he needs to see friends in London. There are a lot of things there to expect like my personal favorite the English pubs. It is quite a long drive though but it is physically impossible to have my brother ship his car just for the weekend. This is where a simple UK Car Hire comes in handy. This is one of the most expensive cities in the world but he saves a lot when he just rents a car for the day. He usually needs it for fetching close friends and relatives. He had some business matters to attend to and I think UK car hire has been very easy to get anytime. The UK car hire service is just perfect for abrupt change of travel plans. I plan to visit him later this year and on my itinerary I would need an afternoon in Buckingham Palace. I would gladly stay away from novelty shops because I read off some sites that they are quite expensive but if I do need to go around town UK car hire would be feasible. I would not want to be a burden to him when he has to go back and work. Maybe UK car hire would give me discounts since I am traveling very light. I wouldn't mind that ha-ha! That would be really awesome if UK Car Hire services are affordable and easy to transact with because I will be using local VISA credit cards. I am so excited to see him soon. I just wish I had more time to fix my papers so I can go there now!


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