Jazzing Up My TOYOTA!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have been contemplating on purchasing another truck or car these days because I am in dire need of something that would be able to outperform my old one from MITSUBISHI. The old one however has been very dependable on out of town trips and can accommodate big bodied passengers like my family where almost everyone is over 200 pounds. One important criterion even then was legroom and its look. I don t really settle for the ordinary stock car and I try my best to make it more adept to the trend most customization shops do. I plan to get a TOYOTA CAMRY so I have something to use if I m going out at night. Toyota accessories will be a priority so I could begin to jazz it up. I would not want it to look like the stock cars of course! It will show up in one of our conversations over dinner and I m sure my brother would hate it if I did not do it. It is a little urgent too because I need it for work and my hobby of photography. It’s just that our house is a little cramped because of the vehicles we have parked inside. We might need to tear down the room downstairs so we have ample amount of car parking space. The location where I live unfortunately has some problem with security. My Uncle just a few months ago lost his pick up truck and has never been seen until now. He got a new one and it’s a TOYOTA too. I would gladly buy him accessories from on line stores like CARID.COM so at least he has something to be thankful about that incident.

I would really love getting this new ride as soon as I get my hands on my annual bonus. I’ll dedicate a whole day for that too! I'm going to start looking for that TOYOTA now!


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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

good luck diyan..