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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I admit I have been eating take out's since three years ago and I haven't been the healthy picker when it comes to this. Since I have some sort of high blood pressure, I hurriedly went to the clinic and had my BP checked with the company nurse. She mentioned 130/90 which is kinda my regular rate so you know what I ordered?!

Rufo's Scrumptious Liempo!

As if I wasn't afraid of a mild stroke I ordered pork LOL. I don't know where my diet would be but I'm sure I am gonna gain weight. I haven't been to the beach yet so I am not sure where we would be spending summer to flaunt my sculptured german physique LOL. I am getting quite amused by this and it should stop one way or another. I need to follow some diets strictly. This ain't helping I know but I am going to go back to the gym later, I hope I can burn this out.

Might as well spend the hour or two in the treadmill rather than not doing anything at all....

*pickup shoes* off to gym! =)


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