The Perfect Fit

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am so happy I have friends getting engaged. Of course I am one of the few persons they ask about engagement and wedding rings. I guess I have established good taste in this field and I wouldn't want to brag about it but I did a pretty good job in the past. I have quite some knowledge about diamond cuts and how it looks like set on rings. I had some information through wedding sites and magazines how to choose one based on a person's personality. I have been witness to good choices in engagement rings but some of them end up with unattractive ones because they fail to ask people who know how it is. It is something personal but taste is a whole other universe to explain. Asking me would have saved them small ridicules from friends and family. The Internet too has a lot to offer. If they took a peek at RITANI for example, they would have never gotten mistakes about any of their choices. All that is offered there is fashionable and up to date. This in my case is a good place showcasing great taste in engagement/wedding bands/rings... when you need it most.

I would not want to see any of my friends suffering that same fate so I make it a point that I meddle in some way or another in their choices. Other than that, I would take time in pointing them to the right direction so that they know where to look for these things in the first place. I am so happy with our choices for them though because we got this new couple a princess cut for her engagement ring and a marquise cut for the wedding ring. It's the perfect fit!



Xprosaic said...

Naks! naku similar sa akin... tinatanong ako ng kapatner ko sa work at yung fiancee niya kung ano ang magandang gawin sa kasal... naku sinagot ko lang na tanungin niyo ang mga ikinasal na... ahahahahahahahahahahha

Random Student said...

interesting engagement photo. medyo murky ang napiling location pero interesting. wedding rings? *gulp* nasasakal ako