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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I just suddenly laughed at myself a little. I think I know why but I don't know how to tell you this. Ahmm... the thing is, I think I can cook. I am not a professional chef like my brother or a seasoned cook like my Mom but I think I can cook anything that I have tasted. I think I guess I do. I'm into spicy stuff and most of the dishes I whip up are all spicy. It kinda ends up that way even if I don't want to. Probably because I am worried that if other people do not appreciate what I cooked, I'd be able to finish eating it ha-ha!

Mom still cooks for everyone though. I guess this evening she did already give in to some of the spices that I use for cooking. The pesto and butter and a lot of cayenne pepper helped a lot. I even almost finished eating the batch she prepared not knowing there was nothing anymore for my sister when she comes home. We're kinda in different shifts :) opposites actually. So on a weekday we do not have that much communication because when I come in, she's preparin to go out.

I'm planning to cook for some friends now. Some of them are HRM Graduates and I think I'll probably fare quite good. My brother is a professional chef anyway so maybe some of his skills might have brushed off on me. I wish! LOL


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