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Friday, April 30, 2010

I am a self confessed gadget freak and just like the rest of my pals who are also photographers; this is the time where we need to be extra careful with our stuff. Digital cameras like my small IXUS are very hard to clean; and is very delicate as far as the weather is concerned. If you get it a little wet and it could get the circuits shorted in no time! That would really be expensive to get fixed and you are not even sure if they can because spare parts are scarce on this side of the globe. Good thing there are i-Seal Waterproof Pouches and other remedies that we can get to protect them from the harsh weather or elements that could easily damage our gear. Whoever invented it must have been thinking right because he knows how important weatherproofing and waterproofing is. I never thought that it was even possible to have my camera underwater but seeing the video makes me think otherwise. This is just awesome and I hope I could get this one here for my IPHONE!

I will continue to make videos of my journey soon since I plan to go all out on my vacations. I haven't tried it personally but it looks very promising for a concept I am planning to implement soon on my site (Underwater Video BLOGGING perhaps?!). If you are looking for a solution, you know what to get now!

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Anonymous said...

here is a video of the iSeal being used underwater with a iPhone:

John Bueno said...

gee thanks! =)

mjomesa said...'re definitely a gadget freak

John Bueno said...

I know... spent a lot on it but I'm happy =) LOL

Sendo said...

sa blog mo lang nabasa ko tungkol rito..talino nga talaga apple

mjomesa said...'re definitely a gadget freak