Walking On Sunshine At Night

Monday, May 03, 2010

Well I think I'm a little happy today because I saw some friends again in Facebook. I like the things we did in college and it was again a time of nostalgia and reminiscing. It's pretty descent! i did not put any photos that would be detrimental to their professional careers LOL.

I was quite amused when I was scanning the old photos this morning. Some of them included me with long hair so imagine how funny that would look if I got it public haha.

I was asked by my peer to have something bought through Amazon this evening. I saw the chance to buy a 35mm lens for my cam and it would probably cost cheaper if I got it there. Actually seeing the checkout counter it is almost half. I just don't know the tax and the delivery cost but it seems it can qualify to be free since it is above 25 dollars. Hmmm... this is making me think about what to buy now heheh... will I buy the UV filter also? It says it costs around 10 dollars but I think filters cost cheaper here.

GAS... gadget acquisition syndrome I know! But hey if its going to cost smaller than what I can buy here in the Philippines it's a smart thing to do! =)

In the meantime to make you guys happy try and listen to the video I posted with this one and you'll remember some happy times even at night.... the time when you are just plainly happy and walking on sunshine! =)


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