I Need An Apartment!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I wanted to live a regular life away from our ancestral home but starting up alone makes me think about it a little. Who is going to do my laundry? Who's going to scrub the floor? Who's going to cook for me? These are things that I don't do so I might be having a hard time living alone. If that happens I wish I could take a look at Pasadena Apartments for Rent so I could visit the Pioneers Bridge and take refuge at Orange Grove overlooking the famous VENTURA Highway.

I don't know if that would change my mind and leave this place. The other Santa Monica Apartments for Rent could do the deed because of the history behind its architectural wonders! I want to know celebrities who owned them from the past. I want to know how I'd be able to have a chance and bid for one too. My Grandfather could afford it anyway!

It's either that or maybe I just need to stay with Los Angeles Apartments for Rent and have a better chance of moving forward with my show business career. I mean hey! It's all in the genes and if my Uncle got into the entertainment industry why should I be worried right?! I hope this would come true anytime soon. LA would probably near reality though. It would be so awesome!

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