NITSLOT: Not In The Same Level Of Thinking

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I got into a fight today. Some people really don't have breeding. You know what that is?! If you do then go ahead and read this post. If not, I suggest you go to other blog sites and see if they have something for you. This would be scary.

I am pissed at people who can't understand simple things. I don't have the patience on understanding why these mongrels get out of school and don't learn a single thing. Their English skills? HORRIBLE. What's worst is they don't even admit their faults. They don't know how to understand what breeding means. They even admittedly tell people they don't have that.

What I don't really know is how in the world would I be able to have them understand what I mean when they are not even capable of thinking in the first place. Haaaa stress is coming to me. I wouldn't want to do this but hey, sometimes I just gotta point out that not everyone has the same level of thinking. =(

Rant off.


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