Happy Birthday Shy!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It was raining yesterday but I wasn't stopping anytime soon getting drunk because it was the birthday of a good friend Shy. Shy is not shy at all, actually she is the most violent person I have ever seen. We had a very great time at their house (which I refuse to mention for social discrimination LOL) and had a few rounds of beer to start it off. I didn't drink that much because I had to go home and prepare for something else tomorrow. I guess it was a riot. Jophen (big girl in white at the back) as you can see is already drunk since she was drinking since the afternoon. She was laughing profusely at anything even the ice that she wanted to scrub on Edu's back (black guy on black shirt on Shy's lap). Ruby (the corpse in white) was trying to sing her favorite songs but I wouldn't wanna do that when I've got the microphone. Shy (the one in pink) had a very happy birthday celebration all in all and I had a great time and I probably would be back for more meatballs, chicken and spaghetti... plus a lot of booze the next time I go back to that far flung area.

I think there are a couple of things that should be done though, please celebrate somewhere near Manila or Quezon City next time... your place is too far you know! =P

Then again Happy Happy Birthday Shy! You are so OLD! You look old too! =P Hail the Meangirls!


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