Something More Serious Than Acne

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I experience breakouts every so often that I try to do self medication but most of the time they don't work. I seek advice from friends who have better skin but it turns out later on that they do not know what they are doing too; and you just end up like a bunch of guys in remission of puberty. I don't want to endure the same fate like my friends who still have pimples, acne and oily skin. At this day and age no one should be going through that anymore. People have been looking for the perfect medicine against severe acne. Some doctors in the 1980's prescribed accutane and inflammatory bowel disease was all they got. Things have just become worst and I am so appalled how a simple acne treatment would just become this lethal!

I've also read that this has been used to relieve signs of chemotherapy but I sit and wonder why these huge side effects were not researched and tested first before they got the medicine out for public consumption. Someone definitely has not been doing their job. May I ask how you feel about this medication? If you were the one taking this innocently and had experienced these side effects what would you do?! Have you seen any of their ads? What would you feel if it happened to you?! Everyone should be informed about this so checkout ACCUTANELAWSUIT.NET and learn about the adverse effects of this medication. I just pray no one I know goes through this horrible experience as others did.


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