I Voted! =)

Monday, May 10, 2010

After 4 grueling hours staying in line grimacing in the hot scorching sun and the stench of poor people around me it was quite a relief I got to vote in less than 10 minutes.

Who did I vote?! Ahmmm I think it would be better to keep mum about it. I've got friends who did not vote for them so I'll keep my itchy fingers shut LOL. There is something that we call etiquette and I choose to still do that unlike other star bloggers that I know who went ahead and did bash some candidates unlike their own candidate how IRONIC.

Oh and if ever my readers from the province of ROMBLON is thinking of someone to vote for, I'd recommend Alykhan "BONBON Fernandez for councilor. He's a really good guy even when we were in high school and I'd vouch for him. You know when you have friends you can count on in times of trouble right?! He's just like that... and the guy breathes on spending his days serving his people... please vote for him! Thanks!

As for the other Senators who did not deserve my vote, please work on it. Even the one who got jailed after they held hostages in Oakwood is running for Senate, OMAYGAD what's wrong with this country! If that guy wins I'd probably run a campaign against him. How can a criminal run for a Senate seat?! That is just crazy!


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