Self Made Swiss Miss

Monday, May 03, 2010

I was rummaging through my things but I think I already ran out of chocolate drinks since last week. I haven't been eating in the office and I drink a mug or two of these so I can get by. My stomach rumbles every time and I need to fill it up a bit each time I feel like it. I was looking for my favorite Swiss Miss which some of you might have had right?! and I couldn't find one at 7-11 so I went ahead and made my own version of Swiss Miss. I made one better! =)

I bought a couple of Ovaltine 3 in ones that I got for only 9 bucks for a single serving then bought a whole pack of MAX MALLOWS. I made the chocolate drink hot and then put in a couple of big mallows on it then POOF! I got my Swiss Miss substitute! Haha! To think about it, it was kinda better than swiss miss because the marshmallows were sweeter and bigger. It was kind of hard doing that in Swiss Miss because they had small ones that came in with your drink. This was indeed a treat and I'm sure if you had one yourself or for your kids they will enjoy it! I could have bought a lighter and made smores too to go with it! =)


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Sendo said...

galing...hanggang nescafe 3 in 1 lang ako hehe