If it's My Turn!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I have been looking for ways to stop time. I don't want to age like most of you guys and I have considered taking major surgery in the future. I want that or maybe get a different treatment that would not be invasive. I hate seeing knives. I hate seeing syringes and that event where it spurts liquid in the air before they stick it to you. Oh my... just typing that in made me feel some goose bumps. When I decide in the future to have something done I will get Studio City Plastic Surgery. I would go and get myself made up by their doctors who finished in the most reputable (some of them Ivy League) schools. I specifically like Dr. Brian Kinney to do the procedure. I've read the nicest things about his past patients and I'm sure to give it a try once I get my funds.

I realize I have a lot to thank for though. I have good genes and don't look my age so far. If I need to talk about it I'm sure that I can count on Dr. Brian Kinney MD to give me advice. I bet he's not going to be harsh and he can suggest things that can be done with minimal invasive surgery if I need one. Liposuction would never be too far away. Everyone has done it anyway so why shouldn't I take care of myself!

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