Amazing Eyeglasses!

Friday, May 28, 2010

I know we all strive to look good and I haven't seen any of my friends throwing in the towel to severe ugliness or staying plain Jane. I get to see everyone make an effort each day to look the absolute perfect just to say I'm better than other people. It is something innate that make this phenomenon work. We also never get tired of it and to tell you the truth; I'm not surprised! I think it is man's urge for self improvement and the way we do it externally tells how we are with other people. I often purchase signature clothes, shoes and accessories but these days it is pretty hard on the budget. I know how hard it is to keep thrifty if you want quality and a polished look at the same time. The world market says so and it looks the same on any part of it too. Mom and I dropped by the local optometrist a few days ago to get some eyeglasses. Mom needed a new pair so badly because her old one fell off when she tripped in the church sidewalk that weekend.

Upon getting checked, she needed different grades for each eye. The optometrist/ophthalmologist suggested bifocals for her. She got up and searched the store; we found this red frame perfect for her however it was going to cost her 5,000 pesos. Its way off my expected price but she needed one badly.

There are on line stores selling these for 8 dollars and they were selling it for way more than that. I could have waited a few days for the eyeglasses and saved a lot in the process. Locals don't know it but we who frequently get on line do! I'm sure if they read the great words a guy said here for the eyeglasses they would change their mind and probably get their supplies there too. Imagine I can get the same quality for a tenth of the price. This is just amazing ZENNI!


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