The Card Incident

Saturday, May 22, 2010

It was a warm Saturday afternoon when I went to the mall with my Mom and Dad. I do food reviews for some of the best restaurants in the country and I must say I get a lot of my friends to see them. I recommend the good ones and ask to try the not so bad ones. I have more readers in Manila than outside the country and I get some surprises every now and then. I went to one restaurant on the top floor of EASTWOOD MALL. These posh establishments are what mostly get rave reviews on my site and I was surprised when we sat in the Manager literally knew me. I haven't met him nor have I ever stepped into the restaurant before so I was really surprised. I think he got to see my photos in the site but that and the DSLR camera probably was a giveaway that I review restaurants. I tried to keep a low profile but on some instances they kind of talk to you even if you don't want to. He asked for my business card but I didn't have one that time. I only have one for work but not for my site. I know I need to get custom business cards so I would be able to identify my self every time I get to review institutions like that. They had a cooking school together with the restaurant and I am impressed about how it looked like. Though the next time I get there, I know I have to identify my self after wards. It was kind of awkward I did not have any cards with me that time. I looked very unprofessional. I want to go back there one day and present my self differently I guess. It's a hard day but I think I'll try and solve it one at a time. The card would have solved it all.


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