I'm Going Crazy

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sometimes as I sit by myself and contemplate on things, I try and listen to songs that can soothe my mind and set a mood. I heard this over the radio and never got its title and while browsing Youtube I suddenly heard this familiar song again. It was another OMG moment.

Okay guys, here's the news... I think I'm falling in love again. Nyahahahah! I know... how many times do we have to get hurt... how many times do we need to be broken... and here I go again. Well I can't really do anything about it... I'm liking someone just by mere talking to her... how she listens to me crack jokes here and there... ahhh I never learn huh?!

Anyway, if I ever fall off a cliff again I know my friends will be there. To share may agony hahaha!

I'm just gonna try again, no hangups or what not... just gonna have fun with her and see where we end up. :) I know what you are thinking but hey give me a break! I've been single for a year already I think... that's how I started photography in the first place =P

Okay just for fun I'll add this one too! I'm getting a little mushy but please let me have fun with this one okay?! I'll tell you about it soon.


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