Rude Boy

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sometimes there are some people who give you hell even if you don't do anything to their lives. How I wish I could do the same evil deeds to them. How rude. If only I can call them names on this site. Ahhh I'm sure someday someone will put them into their own places and have a little bit of sense when it comes to working with other people.

I wish there was something like an unspoken manner of doing work related stuff in the office. Something to respect other people from other departments. Haaaa sometimes you just come to a point where you want to punch them in the face. Good thing I got to anger management movies before this came along LOL.

Oh here I am checking out some other bloggers site. Reading their work is like therapy. I wish I could write like them soon LOL. Not to put my self down I think I write pretty decent since it has already been years since I started all this s***. Hahaha!

Now I am calm and collected so here I go and call that other department to have them fix whatever issues they have on my people. I hate them but we need to live a civil life!


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