Sunday, May 23, 2010

After a long hiatus of not doing food reviews I guess it was high time I do one back to back with my Johnny Rockets article a couple of posts back. This time we will be doing Sizzlin Pepper Steak in Eastwood City. I was dead hungry when this happened and I dragged along Dad since he was always game for eating anything. Not that I'm pushing for something bad for his diet but it's in these places where he finds happiness in eating. I immediately asked the server about their best seller and he answered quite canny. Of course it was the Beef Pepper Steak and I got to order that and the one with curry. The one with curry was a little more expensive, about 30-50+ bucks I think.

Their menu had a lot of offerings. I was not much of a rice eater (yeah I know why in the hell did I get this big) so I initially wanted a burger since those were the only ones I can eat (I have hellish allergy from seafood) but I wanted to quit my diet for a day so I went and ordered their Beef Pepper Steak for whatever it is.

The thing comes with these special sauces. They do give you these sauces for free so go ahead and order some more. The diablo was quite good and if you had nothing to do order that instead.

You might need to order extra servings of it because the sizzling pepper steak needs something to ward off that dryness. It became very good after that second wallop of sauce. I also needed to feel the pepperness of it all if that is the word for it.

I asked for the drinks to be served first and got this strawberry shake. It ain't for my Dad because it is too sweet but since he ordered one I had to drink 2 glasses full of it. It was like drinking cotton candy. Too much sugar for one sitting.

The creamy mushroom and corn soup was actually served cold. My Dad complained before they got it back and reheated it. That part was extremely disappointing because I wouldn't want people to think soups are supposed to be served room temperature. Someone must have forgotten to use the microwave oven. Although what I find funny is that my Mom and Dad became instant food critics when I got into doing food reviews. They are more vocal and complain a lot when we are eating. This was actually one of those days haha!

Now it's time for the fiesta de resistance and signature dish SIZZLIN PEPPER STEAK! The strips of beef was nice. Not that soft as I expected. It was chewy and you can still cut it with your teeth. Some pink on the meat would really spell blood but it was really good. I was looking for the peppery taste but I didn't find that. The hotness depended on the hot plate and I suggest you try to eat the thing while its hot otherwise the pepper you are looking for isn't that peppery at all. It was just there with the rest of the ingredients. The main difference of that and this one below with the curry is just the curry they put on the rice. I must admit I liked the one with curry on it rather than the original one. They serve this with paper covers so it wouldn't splatter all over you while its sizzling. Overall I like the experience in Sizzling Pepper Steak. It's for a man's appetite and make sure you eat something first before going here, it kinda had a long wait time for one measly plate of beef strips and rice.3 out of 5 KUMAGS!

Pics taken by my Blackberry Curve so don't complain too much! LOL =)


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