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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I was always going to the office using the van but for obvious reasons it is showing signs of aging. Since it has been manufactured in the 90's the van is always stopping whenever it wants and air conditioning just breaks down in the mid afternoon heat. I almost passed out the other day because of the heat and I don't want to simulate an oven come next week. Rain hasn't been that usual this month and they said it will be delayed again. I probably should find a new car or van so I could at least make the best out of my trips in the metro or outside the country. I am thinking of getting the Ford Mondeo. With its spacious legroom and thrifty gas mileage it will be the best substitute for the van. I wouldn't want to think of anything else now but get a Ford Mondeo as soon as possible so I could sit back comfortably and get to where I want to without thinking of bogging down or getting the air conditioning broken again.

I love what I see in the car so far but if there would be something else that I would get I'll probably get it on line since some of them are way cheaper than those in car shops we locally see. I want to get a van but with the economic crisis still looming in the background that may not be the better option without getting the best deal. I can get this on line and I know who to look for when my brother gets them also in the UK. Everything will be better and I know this is the right thing to do. Should you thing otherwise it'll be disastrous to not spend wisely in this day and age. Be smart!

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