Neil Kornswiet and San Francisco

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's so hard to even think about getting a place of your own these days but if the need arises you really have no choice. My friends from San Francisco did experience a lot of hardships when the financial crisis struck the US. Aside from moving into a smaller home they need to have one they can afford. Since they got new jobs for T and W who are - let's say the biggest retail stores in the US - now is the time for a bigger one so they can live comfortably. I know in some way Neil Kornswiet and other real estate professionals can help them get that new dream house back. They have real great information about real estate advice. I see that they always know the big potential of a place. If I couldn't get to them maybe these experts would do.

I've read some very convincing thoughts from Neil Kornswiet and have seen Seattle to be in the same state. Though the figures of the economic turmoil greatly affected the country they are still optimistic that there would be space for recovery. I wouldn't give up on mere initial numbers. It's not a losing battle and if I need to fight for the value of our home, I'd be in the front line and have my friends get their well deserved home.

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