Breathe it all in!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Emergency response has been a very important issue these past few weeks. New York has been a victim of terrorist attacks over the weekend and a Palestinian born operative was the culprit. He got in the country through a student visa but it seems he went there for a different reason. I know he has been arrested too. When will this stop?! We'll never know; but I am quite optimistic that if we are ready for any untoward incident to happen then we have resolved it halfway. Breathing is important as with any living thing would say. For emergencies and non emergency situations MSA and Moldex has been known to manufacture great respirators. I have seen a full-face respirator used in operations that need highly technical breathing apparatuses. If a place has been entered and tear gas was used by police, they can breathe easily with it. Terrorists, criminals and people who continue to break the law like parole violators would be no match with counter terrorist actions like this. There are also other options like the cartridge respirator that can be of some protection in parts of the face and it's easy to carry around too. This would be better for daytime operations. I would rather use full-face respirators though so I can protect my eyes better in case I or anyone in my family faces danger. The need to breathe is not optional and it is a necessity to live. If we come prepared in any problems in the future, being ready will win half the battle. Breathe that in; then breathe out!

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