The Joys of Learning English

Monday, May 17, 2010

I have been teaching freelance since I was in high school and I must admit it was probably caused by my unnatural short patience of hearing wrong grammar from other people. My command of the English language has been noticed by both peers and my students. I may not be an expert with papers but I do a pretty decent job teaching those who can't understand that much in this side of the globe. I sometimes suggest they do English courses and that would be their better alternative. Nobody would probably question the quality if it comes from the place where it came from right?!

I would definitely try that out myself too since I still think I have lots of room for improvement. Certifications would probably make me better at it as well. If I had the chance to go back there I would never hesitate. I just had some minor issues with work and my new appointments so I never got the chance to study further in London. I am a little afraid of this and the fact that I am going to start over with my career after getting there. Teaching other non EU citizens would probably be one of the things I could do as a career but I fear for the time I spent building one in Asia and the fact that I am starting from square 1 in London would be really arduous! I'll try and think about that soon! I have all the time in the world anyway!


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