Still... A Red Warrior!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I went out with friends again from the UE RED TRIBE and boy was it a blast! Though I arrived a little late and a little over the third quarter I still go the feel and pressure of the game. Well, actually let me rephrase that... I did not enjoy losing to them but it was not much of a serious game I guess. If they won against AdU that day it would have been complete. I don't know what happened but maybe that tall African and Filipino American whom I saw towering over the studs of UE had something to do with it. Plus there was a small point guard who kept shooting threes when they were not feeling the court that day. I dunno why but I was still having fun even if they lost that day.

The UE Red Tribe has been supporting the Warriors since the day it was founded. And you know what I felt that day?! I kinda missed their company... so after the game, I had my camera with me and shot some photos with the warriors too. Paul Lee was a treat and so was James Martinez and Adrian sumthin (sorry it's too new for me...the rookies!) and please Warriors the Red Tribe is there to support you all no matter who you are. Don't think that we only support the famous ones... think about it... we are really just too shy to take photos with you guys LOL.

Even Coach Chiongson, we were too shy to take photos with him. I dunno why but man it was awkward! I hope we get some more someday soon! =)

Here's some of my shots! =)


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