A Few Shopping Essentials This Summer

Saturday, April 28, 2018

I know the struggle, it's hard. Even for a big guy like me, it took a little over 3 shopping trips just to think of this ensemble - and I'm not even joking. Well a little known fact is that you can do this in your own home, just as long as you know  your measurements. If you're confident enough, you would end up with good deals, save a lot so you could splurge a little more on food, the travel experience and pretty much what your loved ones want to do. So I propose you get these few summer essentials so even if you don't get to take a dip in the ocean, you get to still look good and play the part. Trust me on shopping.

First off, plot the look you want to achieve. It's definitely okay to see men show a little skin. The time in the gym alone gives you a sense of accomplishment, this is the time to tease women and show your wares. Trust me on this one bro.

Suntan Lotion - The look of sunkissed brown skin can be hastened by tanning lotions. The color makes you look more masculine, a bit more on the nice equal front so you could proudly show your tan lines without getting yourself sun burnt, just golden and bronze.

Burger Beach Towel - At the end of the day, guys who have humor always get the girls. Who could resist a lip smacking burger when they've all had their diet to achieve their body goals before they did hit the beach. Exactly my point.

Snorkel - When you want to stay a little bit more under the water, you should get yourself some good snorkel gear. It's not only good for you, but hygeinic rather than renting one off from manong boatman.

Muscle Tee - When you want to show off, get a descent muscle tee. This doesn't event cost more than a hundred bucks, since stores have them on sale. At least the ladies get to check you out on the beach with just binoculars on hand.

Men's Casual Shorts - For 99 bucks, this is a steal. Get the more charcoal gray color so even if you're frolicking in the sand you're okay. 

If you are up to it, use my code BSUKIKUMAGCOW on the SHOPEE app which you could download off Google Play or the App Store. Get 80 pesos off on your first 400 peso purchase and get deals on summer essentials like these and more!

What would you wear on a sunny day?

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Elisse Joson Officially Joins Vivo Family

Friday, April 27, 2018

Went to Market!Market! a couple weels ago for the launch of the latest handset from Vivo Philippines, the Vivo V9. With it's superb cameras that can take AI capable shots, it's definitely something that this generation should definitely consider if they want those selfies to remain perfect, amiable in every shot. 

The gorgeous Elisse Joson has always been seen in her social media channels - she definitely looks so adorable, lovely and very classy. Now I think this is the same reason why McCoy adores her, probably the same reason why Vivo Philippines said it's time to make Mclisse (yes the popular loveteam) a reality - and be together in supporting and endorsing popular smartphone brand Vivo.

The place was full to a brim with McLisse fans, Vivo executives and the media. Got a front seat so when the show started, I only used my Vivo V9 to take these shots, mind you they were a bit far but I'm still getting detailed photos, amazing!

A fashion show ensued and these good looking models showed us how to take selfies and use stickers to have extra fun with the Vivo V9. I think I got the hang of it.

Aside from the stickers, I also love the portrait mode of this phone because man, the bokeh is just awesome!

They announced Elisse Joson as their newest endorser, so that means they just united McLisse in Vivo. But there's something missing, he came in with flowers of course!

McLisse is now complete, and from what I've heard, they are both happy to be together in one smartphone company because they can now take selfies together. They used to refrain from doing it because Elisse wasn't signed up yet, but now they've got more reasons to keep memories using the lovely front and back cameras of the Vivo V9. 

They promise to go around the country in different cities to bring you closer to the brand and yes, the Vivo V9.

I love McLisse!

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Vivo Partners with Ayala for Hoop Battles

Smartphone brand Vivo Philippines and it's partner Ayala Malls just announced their pact in launching the first ever Vivo Hoop Battle Philippines. 

This has been hosted in China and other Asian countries but this time, it'll be seen front and center in different Ayala Malls in the country. After holding local and national eliminations in Manila, they'll be sent to compete for the Grand Finals in China. They will also be doing this with case and bag manufacturer Capdase who also believes in the Filipino athlete. This was signed by Vivo Philippines Country Manager Annie Lim, Ayalaland Malls Synergies, Inc. (AMSI) Entertainment GM Gabby Katigbak, AMSI President Ms. Rowena Tomeldan and Capdase CEO Alex Fong. All parties are excited to see this all happen soon. Watch out for the details of these games on their different social media channels and on Vivo Philippines Facebook page. 

It's all there!

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Anne Curtis and Shopee's 5.5 Super Sale

Oh no, you must have forgotten that Shopee just has just announced two milestones a few weeks ago. For starters, they just got Filipina Aussie lass Anne Curtis as their new Brand Ambassador and got her as the face of their newest commercial in the Philippines. The App itself has changed the online shopping landscape in Southeast Asia - and other countries and they know how important the Philippine market is and how we've come to know, feel and experience the goodness of receiving products right in the comforts of our own homes. So aside from the gorgeous Anne Curtis, they announced the BIGGEST mid year online sale on the Shopee app. It's properly called 5.5 Shopee Super Sale and will only run until May 5th (Started last April 13). If you haven't shopped yet, then this might be the best time to do so.

What's in store for you? They've got up to 90% off on thousands of products, even have 55 peso deals on flash sales, unbelievably low low low prices and a whole day SHOPPING FIESTA on May 5. They also have partner stores giving huge discounts like world renowned brands Samsung, Coca-Cola, Unilever Philippines, Nescafe, NIDO ADVANCED PROTECTUS 3+, Colgate-Palmolive, AVEENO, Belo Essentials, Equal Sweetener, Silverworks, Banana Peel, i2i New York, Unisilver, Faber-Castell, Deuter, Head Racket, Coleman and a whole lot more. You can see them all on the newly launched Shopee Mall with limited edition its signed by Anne Curtis herself, in a line called Anne's Top Picks. You'll surely enjoy them all!

Oh and for those who haven't tried Shopee yet, let me give you a surprise since you've read this lenghty post today. Here's my code so you can get Php 80 OFF on your first purchase (conditions apply). 

Download the Shopee app on Google Play and the App Store! Thanks and happy shopping! 

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McJim is Indeed World Class

You've never seen McJim this way. The popular Filipino leather goods brand has been imposing itself in the lifestyle accessories market utilizing local crafted products while looking world class, I can't say I'm surprised.

I have personally used leather bags, wallets, belts in the past and true enough, they have lasted years for me. The secret I think is the classic design, things that do not age or go out of style even if it's not in season. It's things that still match your wardrobe even if you wear something funky, something crazy, sexy, cool or classy. It's the ability to look good regardless of your mood swings, because it can stand on it's own.

McJim leather belts on the other hand comes with brown, modern black and reversible buckles, so you don't even have to make an effort to wear similar clothing, no matchy matchy themes because it can adapt to your style no matter how much you change tops or bottoms throughout the day.

I recently also changed wallets and even if I paid a little less than branded ones, I know my black McJim wallet would last a long time. In the looks department, I know I'm not shortchanged at all becaus I've always known that the Filipino brand McJim has always been world class.

Didn't you feel that when you had one? I'm sure you do!

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New Ride Hailing App HYPE to Launch Soon!

The Philippines is about to get better TNVS services as new player HYPE enters the market. Hype Transport brings an option, they know consumers need a choice and they are bringing this all Filipino app in the forefront of TNVS. As of now, they are allowed to register about 65,000 units on their system. They prefer loyal drivers but are totally open for existing members of other TNVS apps as long as they are not blacklisted by other corps or LTFRB. Registration starts online and walkins are being entertained in their small office in Makati but they're planning to put one up in Mandaluyong pretty soon.

John Coduris Chief Tech Officer of Hype "We prepared this since October, all the papers and requirements were worked on since that date. We have more capable programmers, we have pooling and vehicle choices, the commision is competitive which means from 20% to 5% and depends on the trips that the driver takes. Website is at hypetransport.com and you can find us at hype pilipinas on all social media channels." 

COO Jennifer Silan of Hype says "We will be very strict with the process of accreditation, training the drivers, we look at the physical condition of the cars, log on on hypetransport.com and become a partner. We will schedule trainings and it will be available online. We have registered up to 5,000 cars already, we follow the mandate of LTFRB in choosing cars. We accredit nationwide but will only launch Manila, other cities will follow. No multiple drops yet but it is in the works. During the launche we will provide promo codes and will do the grand launch on the 27th. On May 26, we will be sponsoring a segment on Eat Bulaga, please wait for that."

Nick Escalante Hype's CEO says "We hope we will be part of the solution, to be a partner of drivers and operators, and also the riding public. Our approved rate is competive because it's a flat rate of 40 pesos, and also low rates per kilometer. We do have surge, but only allowed 2.0. We also have a competitive commision, as accorded by the number of trips that the driver takes. You can book us using text, even without data you can book through us. It's no charge to the user at all. We have sms, voice, messaging, hopefully less than a minute communication so passengers would be safe. Hype will be strict on cancellations, block them or suspend, right now we do not have cancellation fees, perhaps 50 pesos later on but we are still looking at it. If the cancellation is done with the driver, it will pay off the customer. LTFRB has approved us, May 19 is the exact date where everybody can download it on Google Play and the App Store, but would be able to use it on the 28th."

Now isn't this good news? Go download the app or register as their partner driver on the dates mentioned. The event on the 27th is open to the public and they will be revealing their celebrity endorser, give away raffle prizes on that day. Make sure you're there okay?

I'll download it as soon as it's available on ios.

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Restored Classic Films Showcased in Trinoma and Greenbelt

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It's been a while since I've seen Maricel Soriano on screen, but it all was grand when I got to see her film "Ikaw Pa Lang Ang Minahal" remastered and in full digital format at Trinoma Mall a few days ago. It's the last day today and if you haven't seen it yet, I hope you do because it's the last day today April 24.

This is a project spearheaded by ABSCBN's Film Restoration Project in partnership with Ayala Malls. Tickets only cost Php 220 but can be discounted to Php 180 if you are a student. During the premier of this remastered film, they unveiled the new movie poster and true enough this Maricel Soriano and Richard Gomez starrer was just so gorgeous on screen. They have worked a lot on color grading, touching texture, even the music from Ryan Cayabyab. There are other titles which will be shown aside from this and I'd be glad if they extended this run.

The evening was star studded as cast members from the movie, even those behind the scenes made us all eagerly watch this film which Maricel Soriano laments "“Maraming salamat sa ABSCBN and I love how they restored it. This is one of the most amazing films even if I didn’t win all the awards, I am happy it made me more hungry to learn and do more films. I hope the future generations get to see this masterpiece.”

Again if you haven't catched these movies, there will more soon. ABSCBN
and Ayala will make sure you have a place to watch these really good movies!

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BAKE Cheese Tart Opens in Podium and Power Plant Mall

I love anything Japanese especially the desserts. They take so much care, meticulously prepare it, and if I didn't know, I'd mistake it would be sourced from France which I'm sure they pattern their work from. They also employ the Japanese way of preparing things, the taste is subtle, not too overpowering, as it stems from culture, like what they've done with the BAKE Cheese Tart.

From what I know, they fly these delectable treats on schedule so you get the same kind of cheese tarts they serve in Japan. Aside from Podium, they also opened shop in Power Plant Mall in Rockwell so if you're rearing to know why they've churned out 35 Million cheese tarts per year in Kinotoya (their bakery), you'll know once you take a bite off of it.

Same formula of cheese tarts can be enjoyed in different temperatures. If you want to try them all, I suggest you do the freshly baked version first. It presents a very gooey not so sweet taste that I'm sure your family will love. The warm version doesn't spread out too much, pretty good to carry around or take on trips. The chilled version takes it to another level, fine for dessert and evening treats. My favorite though is the frozen one because it's superbly like ice cream, too good to be true but it is.

We are blessed to be the 9th country to have BAKE Cheese Tart. I've already finished my box as soon as it landed on my table. I'll go get more when I get back to Podium next week and hoard a bit more to freeze and have after dinner.

I'm sure you'll love it too!


ESPN5 Announces Whole Day of Boxing on May 13

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Filipino sports and boxing fans are in for a treat as ESPN5 gives you a whole day of boxing this May 13th which your friends from the Kapatid channel can bring. With their partners ESPN the global leader in sports, they will give you unadulterated Filipino fights that should be on screen, Thrilla in Manila, and even championship bouts that will be streamed from across the globe.

Coach Chot Reyes “For us just being here we should get applauded. I don’t think you’ll see anything like this, a wall to wall LIVE BOXING day on ESPN5 on May 13. Another one in Las Vegas a little later on. We started ESPN greatest fights, Thrilla in Manila, Rocky Marciano, this is really going to be a treat for Filipino boxing fans. We believe in the Filipino fighter, we believe in our boxers. Their stories will be told and we will start with Jerwin Pretty Boy Ancajas. We hope you get to see how our talented boxers started their career. All we could offer is the genuine partnership, not entirely money that the other networks have, but it weeds out those who don't really care for them, or have them in mind. We will continue to promote boxing, Manila is the best place to do that. Everybody knows we can work with other promoters and management, what we know would be good for the boxers we will do it. All of these other sports we will put them on the spotlight, as a Sports channel we will give them these opportunities. We cannot forget Manila. Maraming salamat po!”

AJ Bazooka Banal adds “Everyone in Survival Camp knows they should give their 100%, even more so you can only expect the best when the fight happens.”

Marvin Marvelous Sonsona says “Thanks to team Ancajas for giving me a chance to get this fight, to join survival camp. I promise to show everything, we’ll prepare for all the help they have given us, thank you for supporting us.”

Mark Barriga says “The improvement of power and endurance is so different. We need to last longer on the ring, not just punch it out, to learn to breathe. We work hard with our coach, I’ll also be battling a good boxer judging from what I have seen on record. This training program, I have followed it to a T because I know it will be good for me.”

Jerwin Ancajas says "We both are going to benefit in this fight, we put our name into it. Even if we're both Filipino, we are making history. In the US we will give them a good fight, a Filipino versus a Filipino, we are preparing a lot and have been eager to see who will win when that day comes."

Survival Instinct will happen on May 13 and it will be a great day for boxing but do know this will be a whole month event so they will feature more fights on different dates. The WBA lightweight title fight between Vasyl Lomachenko and Jorge Linares at the Madison Square Garden will air on ESPN5 at 10 a.m. whilst Barriga on the other hand resumes his quest for a world title when he faces Gabriel Mendoza of Colombia. Both are vying for the IBF minimumweight crown. It will happen on SM North Edsa Skydome together with fight of Marvin Sonsona and AJ Banal. Stay tuned!

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Timezone Opens Biggest Branch in Ayala Malls Feliz

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I'm a gamer, old school by todays standards but I can give a fight in any title if I need to. I've spent my childhood, my teens and even college life playing with consoles, and my hangout was pretty much the arcade. So when I was invited a couple of days ago in Ayala Malls Feliz for the opening of what is supposed to be the BIGGEST Timezone branch in the country, I jumped at the opportunity to see it. 

Honestly I couldn't believe my eyes. The 5th Floor of this new mall will obviously be filled with other merchants - but judging from the looks of it, this whole section they are in will be the piece de resistance. It's HUGE, HUMONGOUS, but pretty simple concept to put in one place. They've been talking abojt this a couple of months ago (when they opened the branch in Ayala Malls Vertis North). This time they won't hold back and will cater to each member of the family.

This is called TIMEZON AIR. A large trampoline park on the right side of the venue. They can hold different trampoline exhibitions, ultimate dodgeball or just about anything that you can imagine your kids or not so kids anymore to do here. I was a wee bit envious when some of the kids tried this out because I couldn't go there because I was still playing games in the arcade, I'm surely going back here. I'll bring a couple friends along because it's not that expensive, we can have lots of fun here.

This is the TIMEZONE PLAY area. It's the ulimate fun house for your kids 5 and up. Thing is, this isn't your ordinary obstacle course as there are several learning modules on the first floor. It would make your kids excercise their brains, learn a lot with science, history, as they have dedicated a section for it. It's got four floors to tickle the fancy of your kids, I'm sure they won't be bored with this huge play area that comprises about third of the whole venue.

The Entertainment Center in the middle part of the TIMEZONE grounds houses the different machines for arcade games, they have the latest and the greatest fighting, alter reality, shooting and race games. Aside from that, they have different fun games that spit out tickets which you can save and equate for a prize later on. I'm saving up for that bike I saw in their counter, they also have cute Mario Brothers plush and Star Wars toys which I'm sure you'll all love.

They also have food establishments inside the venue that is connected with Banapple. They call it SANDWICHEESE which serves some real organic healthy stuff to the more not so guilt free meals because cheese is life.

I would take my friends and family here in a heartbeat. I would also get my ideal date here if that happens, I love girl gamers LOL. 

Anyway, you can see this all happen at the 5th Floor of the new Ayala Malls Feliz along Marcos Highway in Marikina. The new shops, restaurants and this complete family fun entertainment venue should keep you there for days if the mall doesn't close for the next workday, I assure you you'll love em all!

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