BAKE Cheese Tart Opens in Podium and Power Plant Mall

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I love anything Japanese especially the desserts. They take so much care, meticulously prepare it, and if I didn't know, I'd mistake it would be sourced from France which I'm sure they pattern their work from. They also employ the Japanese way of preparing things, the taste is subtle, not too overpowering, as it stems from culture, like what they've done with the BAKE Cheese Tart.

From what I know, they fly these delectable treats on schedule so you get the same kind of cheese tarts they serve in Japan. Aside from Podium, they also opened shop in Power Plant Mall in Rockwell so if you're rearing to know why they've churned out 35 Million cheese tarts per year in Kinotoya (their bakery), you'll know once you take a bite off of it.

Same formula of cheese tarts can be enjoyed in different temperatures. If you want to try them all, I suggest you do the freshly baked version first. It presents a very gooey not so sweet taste that I'm sure your family will love. The warm version doesn't spread out too much, pretty good to carry around or take on trips. The chilled version takes it to another level, fine for dessert and evening treats. My favorite though is the frozen one because it's superbly like ice cream, too good to be true but it is.

We are blessed to be the 9th country to have BAKE Cheese Tart. I've already finished my box as soon as it landed on my table. I'll go get more when I get back to Podium next week and hoard a bit more to freeze and have after dinner.

I'm sure you'll love it too!


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